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As the high schools of Elk Grove Unified School District geared up to welcome seasoned students back, they also prepared to welcome in a host of incoming Freshmen. EGUSD high schools know the importance of ensuring new ninth graders feel at home, prepared, and motivated for their high school career, and Freshman Orientation is a key component to that.


Freshman Orientation is an exciting day where students and parents get to know the school and understand what their first year of high school will be like. At Valley High School, Freshman Orientation includes a myriad of activities. At Valley High School’s Freshman Welcoming Rally, the band is playing and cheerleaders welcome all the new students and their parents as they enter the gym. Principal Gutierrez gives a welcome address, which is followed by student leadership encouraging the newcomers in a few rally activities.


After getting a fresh take on Valley High School Vikings spirit, the new Vikings are divided into small grounds and lead on a campus tour by older students which finishes up at a great barbeque in the Science Quad. At the barbeque, the freshman receive their schedules and a tote bag full of Viking swag.


Vice Principal at Valley High School Andy Johnson says “the goals are to see increased Engagement and Achievement from our students. When students feel they belong, success increases. This event the day before school officially started is a big welcoming step in that direction.” The Freshman Orientation is a mass effort, organized by the Student Leadership team and admin, and all staff are involved. The Orientation is a great welcoming evening for the new freshman where they are introduced to the campus, see where their classes are, and start the year with a positive experience. With over 350 schedules distributed to the new Viking Freshman at orientation, the event has grown in size every year for the past five and shows how much Valley High School families and students care about education!

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