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March 7, 2018

Project Team Reports: Curriculum & School and Community Relationships

The team assigned to address questions about the cultural studies curriculum within Elk Grove Unified report that the following specific equity related courses are and have been offered by the District:

  • African-American Cultural StudiesCultural Studies
  • Exploring Culture Through Literature
  • History of African-American Studies
  • History of Chicano/Latino Studies
  • Honors/College Prep World Geography
  • International Relations
  • Sociology
  • Women’s Studies

The team also conducted a comparative analysis finding that the District’s existing Cultural Studies curriculum best matches other ethnic studies curriculum found in other school districts and community colleges. Lastly, in reference to the questions about a state approved Ethnic Studies course based on Assembly Bill 2016 that passed in September 2016, the District is awaiting the adoption of the Ethnic Studies model curriculum that the State Instructional Quality Commission produced. This model curriculum is scheduled to be submitted to the state board no later than December 31, 2019.

The team assigned to address school and community relationships created an email list comprising community organizations interested in receiving regular updates on the District’s work on Race and Educational Equity. Additionally, the team has been meeting with members of the community who offered support to collect information and build relationships. The information will be shared with appropriate District department directors for evaluation.

The team also attended the parent information meeting at Pleasant Grove High School, held February 22nd where 50 parents and 20 staff attended. At the meeting, three break-out sessions offered parents an opportunity to engage in meaningful and constructive dialogue with site administration. The three topics covered were: Communications and Safety, Campus Culture and Climate, and Community Engagement. Parent feedback included an appreciation for the immediate action site administration took to make immediate improvements like the increased home to school communication and the creation of a web-based reporting system, which will also serve as a District pilot. Parents also asked school administrators to consider regularly reporting out on improvements, ensuring that expectations of students and staff is widely understood, and remaining focused on hearing student voice.

District Events/Programs Related to Educational Equity

In addition to ongoing Arbinger Training on Mindset, Superintendent Hoffman attended the 17th Annual EGUSD Leadership Conference, where the purpose of the conference was to give students who are in helping leadership roles in EGUSD middle schools an opportunity to network with other students across the District and learn skills regarding tolerance, bullying prevention and unity. Over 500 middle school students attended including their high school role models and session leaders. This year’s theme was, “Take a stand…Be the change,” and the keynote was Dean Whellans who focused on improving the individual and therefore improving the whole–in essence, leadership by example.

On March 1st and 21st, the Office of Educational Equity and the Curriculum and Professional Learning Department partnered with Epoch Education, to bring the stakeholders of Elk Grove Unified a professional learning opportunity on equity, culture, and community responsiveness called, “Getting Explicit with Implicit Bias.” Trainings are ongoing and being held at the Robert L. Trigg Education Center.


About the Elk Grove Unified School District

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