Welcome to March!

We have officially begun our last trimester of the 2018-2019 school year! While we may want to think about all of the fun to be had at the end of the year, we still have a lot of work to complete and many things to learn.

As a school, one of our focus areas is learning to determine the main idea and details in text. Even our kindergartners are working to master this critical standard! You can partner with us by reading with your child! As you read, ask your child the main idea in pictures. Move to
asking the main idea in sentences and then to paragraphs. Most importantly, read with your child. We know that the more we read, the better we read!

We are heading into an exciting part of the school year where our students and teachers will be preparing for state and district benchmark testing (SBAC/CAASPP) in the spring in grades 3-6. I encourage you to go to www.smarterbalance.org to learn more about the test as well as ways you can support your student. Our teachers are working daily to ensure that students are prepared to show all they have learned! You can see how our school has been performing on these assessments overall by going to www.caaspp.cde.ca.gov and searching for Pleasant Grove Elementary.

Asking “How was your day today?” might not get your far. Instead, ask questions like these
for a better picture of your child’s day: What was something you enjoyed today? What’s the coolest thing that happened? What wasn’t so cool? How were you kind and helpful today? How was someone kind and helpful to you?

I forward to our last trimester together. Thank you so much for sharing your child with me!

Deidra Wood