Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fantastic winter break and enjoyed the time with your family. We are excited to return from break, ready to focus on the second half of our school year. The second trimester is often a challenging trimester in terms of academics as we raise the expectations for what we know our students are capable.

It is important that they continue reading. Even just fifteen minutes every day by themselves or reading with someone will greatly improve their reading ability and help develop those necessary life-long habits. Did you know that children who read for pleasure make more progress in math, vocabulary and spelling when compared with those who rarely read? That’s what a study at the Institute of Education at the University of London validated. It also found that a child’s own reading for pleasure was found to have a greater effect on cognitive development than their parents’ level of education.

Seeing a student reading a good book is the highlight of my day! In our Library, we have purchased thousands of dollars of books in the last few years to upgrade series and give students more choice and relevance to their lives. Thank you parents for giving your child time and encouragement to Read! Read! Read!

Yours in education,
Deidra Wood