Hour of Code Activities


Learn basic coding concepts during Computer Science Education week (second week of December of every year). Try your hand at new coding challenges using the Hour of Code website.  Learn about loops, conditionals, algorithms and other basic programming concepts.  Problem-solving through programming games & activities is a fun way to learn about coding! Check out all the activities!


Constitution Day! (9/17)

September 17th is Constitution Day.  Federal law requires every federally funded educational institution to educate students on the history and importance of the U.S. Constitution on this day.  Below are a few links to learn about and commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787.

Basic Facts: Ben’s Guide (K-6), the History of the U.S. Constitution (4-6)

Links for students/teachers:


Welcome Back

IMPORTANT (3rd-6th grades): To TYPE, use the blue TYPING.COM icon to the right or click the link under ‘Typing’ on the menu above and sign in using GOOGLE.  This makes sure that your typing progress will be seen and counted correctly.  The typing icon in the PORTAL is currently NOT working properly (it connects with Clever-and that won’t work for us currently).

To learn about getting started on Chromebooks & the Portal, watch the video below. IGNORE the part about ZOOM meetings-it is old information.