PBIS is a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral supports and social culture needed for all students on a school site to achieve social, emotional and academic success. It is a framework that is implemented by explicitly teaching the expected behaviors, acknowledging appropriate behaviors and reteaching when behavioral errors are made.

Why implement PBIS?

All students can benefit from instruction in positive behavior expectations and positive acknowledgments. PBIS is a skill- building approach that will strengthen the foundation of social skills for any student. Educators who work in schools that implement PBIS report a high level of satisfaction, citing the positive effects of being on the “same page” with their colleagues and experiencing improved school climate, as well as, benefits from increased time for instruction.

Meet the PBIS Coaches

The responsibilities of the PBIS Coaches include mentoring, providing assistance and guidance to the school PBIS teams, ensuring that data is collected and used efficiently for decision-making, and sharing information and results with stakeholders on a regular basis.

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Students’ Positive Behaviors

Volunteering at school during assemblies, award ceremonies, and other positive events are a great way to bring families into the school. Many PBIS schools acknowledge their students’ positive behaviors by offering a School Store program, which can be a great opportunity for caregivers to engage positively with a variety of students.

In the Classroom

Parents, caregivers, and family members are a welcomed addition to any school. The family voice brings a valued and necessary link to all school-wide efforts. Children are more successful in school when families are actively involved in their child’s education.

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