Hw for Wednesday

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1.  Read for 30-45 minutes.  Complete your reading log (with parent signature or ACT 2 teacher signature)

2.  Leveled Readers — Compare and Contrast Venn Diagram is due on Friday.  Students were provided this worksheet on Monday.

3.  Prepare for Friday’s comprehension test by reading this week’s story. 

We didn’t have time to take our spelling test today due to students presentations in social studies.

Social Studies:
If you didn’t present, be ready to present tomorrow!

None — we took a Chapter 9 test today.

Language Arts/Grammar: 
“Compound-Complex Sentences” worksheet

Field Trip forms for Jackman are due tomorrow!!

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Reading Counts

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HW for Tuesday

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1. Read for 30-45 minutes and complete Tuesday’s reading log.  I will be collecting this on Friday.  Each day is worth 2 points, and the points add up!

2.  Worksheet on Comparing and Contrasting is due on Friday.  Use your “Leveled Reader.”

Math:  Practice Book page P179 and P180.

Study for your Chapter 9 test!  You will be taking it tomorrow!

Spelling:  Study for your spelling test!   Your spelling test will be tomorrow!

Social Studies:  Be prepared to present tomorrow!

Language Arts/ Grammar:  Complete your worksheet in which you had to combine sentences to create a complex sentence.  Don’t forget to use a subordinating conjunction.
Jackman Field Trip forms are due tomorrow!!!

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Homework for Monday

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Reading:  Read for 30-45 minutes and complete Monday’s reading log.
Language Arts:  Readers Notebook page 115 and 116
Spelling:  Readers Notebook page 1489 and 150
Math:  PB pg 177 and 178

Jackman field trip forms are due!

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HW for Wednesday

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Spelling:  Choose 1 activity

Reading:   Read for 30-45 minutes (or more) and complete Wednesday’s reading log.

1.  ”Phone Book” pg 358 (if you had not finished it)
2.  Practice Book pg P175 abd P176

Social Studies:
Study your assigned section (see Monday’s homework)

Cereal Box Book Reports:  Last call! They are due tomorrow. Students who have not turned it in will automatically receive a deficiency notice. 

Field Trip Forms and money is due! 

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