Peace on Earth… What does it really mean?

Just how peaceful is our earth?  With the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico spewing millions of gallons of oil into our delicate ecosystems, how can we say earth is peaceful and safe for our fine feathered friends and all the other creatures of the earth who live in that part of the world?  What do you think? 

DON’T FORGET HAITI…important words from Miss Leisa…

12 thoughts on “Peace on Earth… What does it really mean?

  1. We can all help make peace in the world, but the goverment isn’t really helping. We wouldn’t need to transport oil that much if we used our oil supply instead of other countries oil. The world isn’t getting more peaceful its getting worse, because all the wars, poverty, people fighting over things they don’t need to fight over. We can make the world a better place for everyone to live if we just stop arguing about race, money, hate, and just care about each other.

  2. I don’t think we can say Earth is peaceful sometimes because we have to deal with many situations that effect the Earth. Sometimes I think we can do better than we do now but it is very complicated.

  3. I feel sad for what’s happening in the world. All of a sudden our world isn’t of peace. More people are dying, people are getting killed, robberies everywhere. Is there just someone mad at the world? I’ve been sad since I went to your class to film Miss Leisa talking about Children’s Hope and how some kids in Haiti are scared to fall asleep if an earthquake comes again. I wonder how the oil did end up in the Gulf of Mexico? And if someone did that, why? Some animals are so innocent and then people go on throwing poison and toxics in the grass, and cutting trees and setting fires in the woods and forests. I just wish the world could go back and be peaceful again. But those are just hopes of a child.

  4. I agree with you Ms. Cheung our world is not peaceful. Lots of things are happening like the oil spil, Haiti, and creatures dying. I want our world to be a better place.

  5. My opinion is that the world has gotten very dangerous for all mankind because the earthquakes, and Agatha. The most horrible thing that is happening to our oceans is the big oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s becoming worse and worse to oceans because the birds that are landing in that water have died or survived. It is really important to the people because whoever swims in oceans or beaches gets sick.

  6. What do I think? That’s a very good question. Well, I think that our world has become very dangerous. Your example made me think of all the violence we have. Things have gotten very hard over the past few years with[as you said] all the problems in Haiti, that huge oil spill in Mexico. I think to get better, our world should STOP all these things about bombings, wars, etc. I think our planet should NOT use the term “peace on Earth” if we keep up this pace. And to answer your question on “how peaceful is our Earth”, I would have to say our world is not very peaceful at all.

  7. I think that the Earth is not really peaceful because we have to go through really hurtful situations. When Miss Leisa was talking about Haiti and how they found a way to help each other out I felt really bad for them. Also, more people are dying, more robberies, and trees are getting cut down.

  8. I think it means to be nice to the planet and everything that lives in it also do everything you can to help the earth like recycling and if you reduce, reuse, and recycle often then our world will be peaceful.

  9. I think our earth is not peaceful anymore because all of the horrible things that are happening. I feel terrible for the people that died beacause of the earthquake in Agatha and Haiti. Also for The Gulf of Mexico.

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