Miss Leisa Visits David Reese Elementary

Teresa's pix April 2010 049Leisa Faulkner, executive director of Children’s Hope visited the students in Ms. Cheung’s class on April 15, 2010.  She spoke to the students about the hardships that the Haitian people are still going through to survive and rebuild their communities.  Despite the struggles, she told us that the Haitian people remain hopeful. 

The students filmed her visit and are working on a movie to document their experience.  Stay tuned for more information about Miss Leisa’s visit!

2 thoughts on “Miss Leisa Visits David Reese Elementary

  1. I think it was really nice of that women to help Haition people. I also tried to help by sending money to them. Bob

    • Bob,
      If everyone just helped out a little, this world would be a better place for all, no matter where they lived. Thanks for helping out!
      Ms. Cheung

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