More News from Haiti…

Ms. Cheung’s class sent over $50 to “Children’s Hope” this week.  The children continue to send  thoughts of hope to the Haitian people.   Here is another excerpt from Leisa’s journal:

…”We distributed all the medical supplies we carried, are home now for just one week, and will return next Thursday with a team of ten and over a thousand pounds of medicine and supplies. Please remember to keep pledging…or just encourage someone you know to make their own pledge. We are in this recovery for the long haul…there is much work to do…but as the Haitian saying goes, “many hands make the burden lighter.”

 If you want to see some of the images from our January trip into Haiti, please take a moment to look over these images by Paul Taggart (for AARP).

Leisa Faulkner, Executive Director

Children’s Hope

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