News from Children's Hope in Haiti

We have collected over $40 to send  to Haiti through Children’s Hope, an organization led by Leisa Faulkner.  She sends regular updates on the progress they are making in restoring Haiti and the lives of the people there.  Here is an excerpt from one of her recent journal entries:

2010 Haiti Journal #4        January 17, 2010

We … were reminded of one of the beautiful things about Haiti, their endless spirit and courage…as we shared soup and bagels, I heard such a story…

 The woman to my left held out a small bill and said she had a story to tell…we grew quiet as her moist eyes signaled we should. She said she was given this money by a woman who had suffered a bad foot injury, and without treatment was now expected to die of gangrene. She had lost her home and her husband, but not her spirit. She told my new friend that this was the last of her money, and asked her to take it, and writing her name on a small bit of paper, along with those of her children, asked my friend to find her children. She was kind and gentle…

 Peace, always and all ways,


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  1. I think that what Miss Leisa is doing is very important. This is very serious and it is good that she is helping Haiti. I wish I could help out but for now donations is enough.

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