Peacemakers at David Reese

The students in Ms. Cheung’s class continue to think about the importance of peace in the world.  The students have been writing about peace and would like to share their thoughts with you:

“Peace is important because the world needs it.  All the wars are horrible…If there was peace there would be no wars.”    Sherries

 “Peace is love…I like how people make the world a better place…I like how people help other people… ” Caleb

“There is peace in our classroom.  My teacher’s friend knew we didn’t have that much school supplies, so they helped out…I hope there are more people that bring peace to people.”  Jacqueline

“Peace is being nice and kind.”  Cristian

“At my house peace is kindness.  My dad comes home from work and cooks for my whole family…He shows love in my family.”  Rosemary

5 thoughts on “Peacemakers at David Reese

  1. Hello Ms. Cheung’s Class,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on peace – such an important topic! I’m looking forward to supporting your class in getting your message of peace out to a worldwide audience.

  2. I think Rosemary’s example of peace shows us how we can create peace through the easiest actions. We don’t need anyone else’s assistance to make the world a better place. Your entries have inspired me to challenge my class to do one simple thing to add peace to our campus or community. Thank you!

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