Homework 6/1

Math: Division worksheet
(we are working on chapter 12 starting tomorrow, along with reviewing past concepts that have given us trouble or are necessary for success in 5th grade)

Spl: ABC order

Read 20 min.

Division with Partial Quotients Review:

Homework 5/9

Math: 11.4 (skip 11.3)

Spl: #1-10

Read 20 minutes


Parts for Auditions on Wednesday (after school between 2:30 – 3:00)
Luzena p. 6

Becky p. 6

Marshall/Sutter p. 7 and song

Sam p. 15 (second line starting with “I remember…“)

Barker p. 17 first paragraph

Johhny p. 18 (lines up to poker flat)

Play Auditions

Auditions for the parts of Luzena, Becky, Marshall, Sutter, Sam, Barker, and Johnny will be Wednesday, May 11. Students who audition MUST be available the evening of June 9. Scripts are not to be written in – they will be returned to the teacher after the play is over.