My Grandma’s Story

Map showing the extent of Japanese occupation in 1940 (in red).

Map showing the extent of Japanese occupation in 1940 (in red).

Hi my name is Eric, I’m in seventh grade, and I’m a world history student in north California. The person I interviewed was my grandma.  From my grandma I  learned about Mao Tse-Tung and about the World War II.  During the Communist Revolution they would take people that would stand out or have a good education to jail. He [Mao]  also changed the requirements in high school. One was that people needed to learn a foreign language.  If people knew a foreign language they could ask someone from a different continent or country for help. They also couldn’t learn science because people would be able to make warfare weapons.  Another world historic event that happened [during my grandmas’s life] was World War II.  The Japanese’s main goal was to get to the capital of China, which was Beijing.  [Since my grandma’s family lived in Beijing,] my grandmas’s parents bought a boat to get to somewhere else that was safe.  They went to a farm that very few people knew about.  They lived there for about a month and a half.

So, do you know your family’s story?


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11 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Story

  1. Eric, Your story about your grandmother is amazing. She’s a very special lady to have gone through such a scary experience. I hope you continue to listen to her stories.

  2. I love your story. I like things that talk about our history and a cool thing is that my grandmother also lived through World War II. She was young at that time, but she also lived through it.

  3. I thought this blog was super educational and it is so cool that your grandma was able to tell all of these things from her life. I did not know there were so many restrictions about what you could and could not do. I was just wondering, where was your grandma during this time.

    • Marrick, I like that Eric described his grandmother’s challenges and her flee from Beijing. I remember that Eric wasn’t sure exactly where that safe place that not many people knew about was.

  4. I love your story! My great-grandpa served in World War II and luckily he survived. Though I’ve never met him, I’m sure he was a fantastic person. How long has your grandma’s family lived in Beijing before they left?

    • Samantha, I, too, loved reading Eric’s story about his grandma. We seldom understand how connected we are to historical events through our elders. It would be interesting to see if someone in your family could tell you more about your grandfather. If I ever see Eric again, I’ll ask him how long his grandmother lived in Beijing before they left.

  5. I thought is was interesting that people who looked different (stand out) or had a good education were put in jail. I learned that during World War II the Japanese were trying to get to the capitol of China. How long did your grandmother’s family travel on the boat to reach the farm that not many people knew about?

  6. Your grandma sounds like an amazing person with so much history. Something surprising I learned is that they took people with good education and talent to jail. This is very interesting and weird. Also I was just wondering what language your grandma speaks.

    • I agree Audrey. Eric’s grandma must have had a very strong character and determination to escape Beijing. I think Eric told me that his grandma spoke Mandarin, but I’m not 100% sure. If I see Eric again one day, I’ll ask him.

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