Track Change Day Tomorrow

Happy Thursday!  Tomorrow is our track off day!  We also have a spirit day: Dress as a book character day.  It is an early dismissal at 1:15 as well. We are presenting our Tool Projects in addition to watching Holes.  The students have a DLR quiz as well.  The class did an amazing job on the math test today with an average of 94%!

Today the class finished Holes with Mrs. Carey and they were very enthusiastic all the way through the novel.  She brought in many treats and made some fun games for the students to keep them engaged.  We did take the Holes Reading Counts quiz today also in class.  This will not count towards their goal as we read it in class together.  The students have some packets that need to be turned in tomorrow.

November 29th-we track back on and will cover these units: DBQ: Hammurabi’s Code, Math Chapter 5:Percents, DLR, Spelling

During the weeks of December 6th-17th, Mrs. Carey, our student teacher, will be doing her solo weeks with our class.  This means that she will teach the class all by herself for two whole weeks.  She will be the one to send out Wednesday Folders, correct work and assign work for the class.  I will be on campus, but in another classroom during this time.  I will still be answering e-mails and here to debrief before and after school with her.  December 17th will be her last day with our class.  This will culminate her 18 week course for student teaching.  I also plan to hold conferences during the school day via Zoom while she is teaching the class.  Please keep an eye out for a sign-up when we track back on for this.

Important dates:

Friday, December 3rd: Reading Counts ends.  Students can read while off track and still take tests during school hours.

Tuesday, December 7th: Picture Retakes

Friday, December 17th: Trimester 1 report cards available on Parent Vue.  Mr. Gulden and Mr. Jones will pass out awards in the classroom.

Please see the Wednesday Newsletter for more school updates such as Trunk or Treat and more!  I hope everyone has a great off-track time.  The students are excited to sleep in and stay up late.

Week of October 18

Here are the last updates before we go off track.  As I mentioned in the last blog, we are wrapping up many units.  I’ve entered in several assignments today.

Math lessons: Monday lessons 4.6 & 4.7;  Tuesday: 4.8; Wednesday: ch 4 review; Thursday: ch 4 test

Science: test is on Tuesday:  Here are some study prompts: Explain the difference between weathering and erosion. What is the difference between chemical and physical weathering? Give an example of each.

SS: we won’t be studying a lesson for SS, but will focus on Phillipino Heritage.  The students can bring in their Tool Project any time they are done next week it and present it.  It is not due until Friday, the 22nd, but if they are done early, they can present it early.  Here is the rubric for that project:

Reading: we are finishing Holes and plan to watch the movie on Friday. There will probably be a quiz on Wednesday.  The students are really enjoying the novel and are so engaged when we read it.

The students will take a Reading Diagnostic assessment on Tuesday.  Our hope is that the students will have raised their lexile level from the beginning of the year.  I will send home a report to you afterward.

There will be no spelling next week.  I hear that next Friday’s spirit day is Book Character Day.   As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  I hope everyone has a safe weekend.

October 11

We are looking at two more weeks until we go off track.  We will be wrapping up all of our units.  Wednesday Folders are being sent home as you know.  The papers inside the folder are assignments that were completed during the week.  The students have been instructed to hand you their folder so you can look at their assignments and sign the folder.  Then the students are to take all assignments and file them in their binder.  We’ve been working on organizing their classwork in the binders and not throwing away assignments.  Often times students will say they have a stack at home they are saving, but I’ve let them know that they need to be in one binder that they carry to school.  At the end of the trimester, I will host a binder cleaning class party.  We will then recycle all of trimester 1, once report cards are done.  Up until then, it is always a good idea to keep track of all the graded and completed assignments. Here are the curriculum updates:

Reading: continuing Holes with Mrs. Carey

Social Studies:  We took an online quiz on chapter 2 lesson 1 today.  We will continue with lesson 2 next week and take another quiz next Friday. The students have a Google Classroom assignment for the notes.  There is an Early Man Tool Project on Google Classroom.  We reviewed the instructions on Tuesday and also viewed the Flipgrids from last year.  This project is due Friday, October 22.  Please have your child show you the instructions to this project.

Science: We’ve finished the cave brochure, and will continue on with the Weathering and Erosion segment.  There will be a test on this segment around the19/20.

Math: We will start chapter 3 review today, correct it on Monday and then test on Tuesday.  There is an optional review on Think Central right now that they can do over the weekend.  There is a mandatory review for math homework on Monday night to prepare for the test.  I strongly suggest that students do both reviews. The students will then need to pull out their chapter 4 math pages and put those in their binders as well.  The big math consumable books need to stay at home to clear up the desk space for the other books.


Remember that the trimester basically ends when we go off track.  There are a few things we can enter in right when we return like Reading Counts points.  The students can read while off track and take quizzes from home during school hours.  I will be working on report cards right when we return.  As always, I’m entering grades in often, so please check Parent Vue for the latest grades.  Thanks for reading the blog, this week 2 students followed the challenge from last week’s blog.  Stay safe and have a great weekend.

Informational Flyer





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Happy October 1st!  Today was a fast and furious track change day.  We ended up being very short on time with the Friday assembly, PE, and library.  We also moved seats for this month.  On Monday, my son has a transfusion and I will be in the hospital with him all day.  Mrs. Stanger will be into sub, but our student teacher, Mrs. Carey will mostly teach the whole day.  We had many students dress up for our spirit day as well.  It was an exciting day.  Here are the curriculum updates:

Reading: Mrs. Carey is continuing to teach Holes with the class.  All the students have nicknames for this unit.

Math:  We are continuing with chapter 3 and will plan to test around October 12.  We did not have time to take a retest today, so those few students will take the retest on Monday during workshop.

Science: We are continuing the cave brochure group project.

Social Studies:  We will read chapter 2 lesson 1 in the book this week.  There will be a notes and vocab google document as well as a quiz next Friday.

We are on the home stretch for trimester 1.  It will basically end when we go off track.  We go off track on Friday, October 22nd.   I will complete report cards when we track back on in December.  Thanks for reading the blog and tell your child that you read the blog and to tell Mrs. Azevada, “Blog was read.”  I’ll have a Griffin Gram for them. 🙂

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Updates for 9/27

Thank you for returning all the forms this week.  Mrs. Carey and I really appreciate it.  We had a very spirited mix-match day today.  We also received an amazing compliment from our librarian.  She said our class was the most courteous class on campus!!! This fills my heart.  We do work hard to promote kindness to others.  Attached is a mural for Hispanic Heritage Month.  I was able to purchase the project using the Teacher pay Teacher funds.  Thanks again for the donation for that.  Here are the updates for this next week:

Math:  We are continuing with chapter 3.  The students have a quiz on Tuesday on paper.  Remember the chapter 2 retest is next Friday.  I have heard from 2 students that they are taking the retest.

Science: We had a fun experiment today with sand.  We will move on to a cave brochure group project next week.

DBQ:  We will start writing the essay together next week.  We will write paragraphs 1-3 together and your child will write the fourth paragraph independently.  Then we will include the essay and make an illustration in our portfolios.  This will count for grades in both writing and social studies.

Reading:  Monday is the last day we will work on a Tuck culminating project.  Starting on Tuesday, Mrs. Carey will teach the next novel with the class using Holes.

Next week is another track change week.  October 1st is a minimum day again.

Spelling and DLR: Keep reminding your child to study for these assessments.  The spelling and DLR  grades dropped a lot this week.



We also reviewed our school dress code today as some students needed a reminder.  We will be sending students to the office if they are not abiding by the dress code.

Last but not least, here is the updated Amazon Wish List.

Updates for 9/20

Happy Friday!  We have been working a lot on chromebooks and some assignments have an audio clip, if you could send in headphones or earbuds with your child to store at school, that would be great.


Join our McGarvey PFO today!

Our PFO makes McGarvey Griffin-tastic for students, families, and staff.  Please click today to support our school:
We are starting chapter 3 in math, please have your child pull out their chapter 3 pages and put them in their binders.
Math: We are reviewing chapter 2 on Monday.  There is an optional review on Think Central named Ch 2 Review that they can do over the weekend.  We will test on Tuesday and there is an online review for Monday’s homework called Ch 2 review #2.  Then we will move on to chapter 3.
Reading: We finished Tuck Everlasting and tested on Reading Counts today.  We will do a culminating project next week and watch the movie on Tuesday.
Spelling and DLR-please remind your child to study for their assessments on Friday.
Science: We tested today on Earth’s Materials and will start Weathering and Erosion next week.  Some students are still struggling to write their answers in full sentences.  As always, this is an expectation for 6th grade.
Social Studies: We are continuing with our Cave Art DBQ.  I hope to be writing the essay next week.
As mentioned in my Reading Counts flyer, we are halfway through the trimester next week.  Please look out for a progress report to be included in the Wednesday Folder.  As always, I am entering grades daily into Synergy, please feel free to check on those.
There was another flyer in the Wednesday envelope that needs your signature called the Health Kids Survey.  Please sign and return that ASAP.
Thanks and have a great weekend.

Sept. 13 Updates

Happy Friday!  We wrapped up another successful week!  We are on a roll now with a full month under our belt.  The students continue to be awesome and rock stars!  Thanks so much for all of the donations for the Amazon Wish List and Teachers Pay Teachers.  Here are the updates on this upcoming week:

Math: The lessons this week are 2.4, 2.7 and 2.9.  There is a quiz on Tuesday.  Tentatively the test will be on Tuesday, September 21.  I had one student take advantage of the math retest yesterday for chapter 1.

Spelling: We will move on to 1.2 list next week, test on Friday.

Reading: We are continuing with the novel Tuck Everlasting.  Some students are having a hard time focusing on the packet while in class and you may see this being brought home as homework.

Science: we will work in the big consumable workbook and the STEMscopes app on the portal this week.  We played a Kahoot yesterday and will play it again on Thursday in preparation for the test on Friday next week.

DLR: Week 4 quiz on Friday

Social Studies: continuing with the Cave Paintings DBQ.

Other notes: Picture Day on Tuesday, flyer sent home in Wednesday Folder.  We will also visit the school library next Friday for the first time.

Today we studied 911 and also learned about Hispanic Heritage month this week.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Stay safe!

Updates for Sept 6

Another successful week in the books!  I am entering in grades daily, so keep checking Parent Vue.  Students are really forgetting to write their names on the papers.  So if your child has a missing assignment that they are sure they completed, they need to check the No Name pile in the classroom.  Then they write their name on it and return it to me.  Some students are confused with this process because they see their assignment has been graded. I’m explaining that I can’t enter a grade in Synergy if I don’t know who’s paper it is.  Please feel free to also explain this process at home.  Here are the curriculum updates.

Math: We had several reviews this week for the math test today.  I am so pleased with their scores.  They really worked hard.  On Tuesday, we will start chapter 2, Fractions and Decimals.

Spelling: We took our test today.

DLR: We took our quiz today.

Reading: We are about halfway through Tuck Everlasting and the students are working on their comprehension packet.  We will read chapter 16 on Tuesday and take the next quiz.

Science: Thank you so much for the science donations, we spent 3 days on a lab.  The students were so excited to wear googles and become little scientists.  Please ask your child what the lab was on.

Social Studies: I corrected the Mystery Skull project today and entered in both science and social studies.  On Tuesday, we will start the DBQ called, “Early Man: Why did he Create Cave Paintings?”  This will take about 3 weeks.  I will be doing 90% with the class.  The final project besides the packet is the 5 paragraph essay.  I will write 4 paragraphs with them and have them write one on their own.

Student teacher: Mrs. Carey is starting to take over teaching lessons here and there.  She taught one math lesson this week and will do another next week.  She will also take over DLR daily with the students and walking the class from place to place on campus.

Chromebooks: Yay! Someone donated a lock for our chromebook cart.  I have about 7 chromebooks and chargers locked up now.  Please feel free to label the charger and chromebook with your child’s initials and send those in to be stored at school.

Thanks and have a great three day weekend! Be safe!


Changes to Math Schedule

Here is the math schedule for this week:

Monday- 1.8

Tuesday- 1.9

Wednesday-Review in class on paper review (THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE TEST) with a partner  HOMEWORK: Think Central Ch 1 review (THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE TEST)

Thursday-Correct paper review in class HOMEWORK-Think Central Ch 1 PRETEST (THIS LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE THE TEST)

Friday- chapter 1 final test in class on paper, students can use their review as notes on the test in class

Weekly Post for Aug. 30

Happy Friday!  I know this week went quickly for us in class as we busily started getting into our routines in the classroom.  We just had our first day of assessments and handed back all the work for the week.  If you would like to check on your child’s progress, please check their binders and Synergy.  A few students have some missing assignments.  They need to work on these over the weekend or at home.  Our workshop this week is mostly dedicated to reviewing division and the steps in review for the upcoming test.  Here are the curriculum updates:

Math-we took a quiz this week on lessons 1.1-1.5  The retake quiz is on Monday during workshop.  We are nearing the end of chapter one and will review the lesson this Thursday and Friday and have a test on Monday, September 6th.  This test will be on paper.

S.S.-the students have been working in groups of three on a Mystery Skull project. Monday is the last day to work on it in class and then it becomes homework.  We will move on to a DBQ about cave paintings.

Science- Thank you to those of you who have donated to the science lab Amazon wish list.  I’m waiting for some things to be delivered and need a few more items.  Here is that link again:

Reading: We are studying our novel Tuck Everlasting daily.  The students have a packet that goes with the reading.  We are working on writing in full sentences, using periods, capitals and spelling words correctly.  One section asks for a definition of the word.  Many students are taking a shortcut and writing down a synonym.  We are currently on our third packet, I hope to see improvements as they see what is affecting their grades.  We also have an open book quiz every 5 chapters along with the packet.  There will be a quiz on Monday, I am reading the book aloud to the students 95% of the time.

Please remember that your child should be reading about 20 minutes every night as homework and taking quizzes on Reading Counts.  They all have a goal for the first trimester.

DLR-Daily Language Review- We complete and correct together a practice sheet every morning.  There are four sections, Day 1, 2, 3, and 4.  The quiz is on Friday and is one of the Days-EXACTLY.   Please ask to see their practice sheet and the quiz.  They need to be studying this on Thursday nights.

Other than these topics, we are also doing Morning Meetings, PE, snack breaks and short games.  The students loved a hula hoop/rock, paper, scissors game this week.  We will play it again soon.

Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you have a great weekend.  Please stay safe!