What is Photogram?

A Photogram is a photographic picture that an image is made without using a camera by placing objects on surfaces like photographic paper onto light.

Two artists that are famous for their work on photograms are Susan Derges and Pierre Cordier.


By: Pierre Cordier


        By: Susan Derges 


               By: Adam Fuss

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An idea that I plan to do with Photograms is bring in many objects that are almost see-through and looks nice on black backgrounds.

3 thoughts on “What is Photogram?”

    1. Hi Harry, These are a bunch of photograms that does have names but I forgot to put them on. First of all, Photograms are pictures that doesn’t require a camera by adding objects on light-sensitive surface and are exposed by light. Some like Pierre Cordier uses chemigram called the Night cell(the on shown) that explains a kind of story with chemistry and painting. While Susan Derges picture shows her connection with the world around us using nature. And Adam Fuss uses his photograms to capture a broad set of emotion latent subject. Hope this helps your understanding about Photograms.

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