Blogging 101

  1. Only use your first name.
  2. Never publish your address, phone number or any personal details.
  3. Don’t put pictures of yourself or others on the blog without permission.
  4. All comments submitted have to be approved by Mr. Gipson before they are included on the blog.
  5. Use appropriate language. 
  6. Proof-read your comments carefully. Think about what you are writing. Comments should be constructive and positive.
  7. When writing a comment always write in full sentences, with careful spelling, punctuation and grammar. Remember blogs can be read by anyone, and are not really the place for ‘text talk.’
  8. Respect other people’s opinions.
  9. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Blog, but currently only Mr. Gipson will have access to post things on the blog. Students can leave comments, and students may start to create their own blog pages later in the year.

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