3rd Grade

Assignment #1

Open a blank Word Document.  Using font style “Arial” and font size “12,” type your heading in the top right corner:

Teacher’s Name
Assignment #1

1.    Press “Enter” twice after your heading.

2.    Turn on the “Caps Lock”.

3.    Type the word RESPONSIBILITY vertically in all capital letters down the left hand side of your document.  Type R and press enter twice, type E and press enter twice, type S and press enter twice, etc.

4.    Turn off the “Caps Lock”.

5.    Go back to the top and click to the right of the letter R.

6.    With your neighbor, come up with a phrase that begins with R and has to do with responsibility.  Type that phrase next to the letter R.  Example:  Return homework on time 

7.    Repeat this process for each letter of RESPONSIBILITY.

8.    Go back to the top again and highlight the letter R.  Change its font size to 20 and make it BOLD.  You can use Ctrl + B to make it bold.

9.  Repeat step #9 for all the letters in RESPONSIBILITY.

10.  Finally, go back to the letter R and the phrase.  Highlight the entire line.  Change the font into anything you like.  Repeat this for all the phrases.  You can make each line a different font or make them all the same.  It’s your choice.

11.  Be sure to spell check your document.  If a word is underlined with a red squiggly line, you’ll need to right click it and find the correct spelling.  If it is underlined in a green squiggly line, there is a grammar error.  Many times it is because you have too many spaces between your words.

12.  Now go to page layout and select “Page Borders.”  Select a style of border that you like and then click OK.  DO NOT CHANGE THE COLOR.  Leave it black.

13.  Double check your entire document and make sure it looks right.  Ask Mr. Gipson to check it and then he will print it out for you.

14.  If you finish early, you may get onto Internet Explorer and play Education City or First in Math.

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