My Teaching Philosophy

 My philosophy is constantly evolving as I grow as a teacher.  I do not claim to know everything.  I continue to learn, along with my students, and I try to remain open-minded and willing to grow in my beliefs and practices as a teacher.  Since society is constantly evolving, so must I. 

I believe exceptional classroom management skills are the foundation for a productive learning environment. When expectations and procedures are clear and consistent, learning can take place. I believe in building a sense of community both in the classroom and with families by promoting positive relationships among students, teachers and parents or guardians. Students must feel they are in a safe, fair, and comfortable environment where they can equally contribute by sharing and gaining knowledge. I believe all students are capable of learning. My constant goal as an educator is to ensure every student reaches his or her full academic potential. Differentiated instruction will be provided to accommodate all learning styles, abilities, and interests. I believe in using variety of alternate assessments and will provide individual feedback. I will promote an active learning environment where students will be encouraged to interpret, analyze, and predict information. As an educator, I will take advantage of the unique opportunity to teach beyond the mandated standards.

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