Below are email links to Markofer staff members. Just click on the staff member’s name, and your email program should start up with the email address pre-filled in.

Administrative/Office Staff
Eric Murchison – Principal
Jackie Baker - Secretary
Allijandra Ferriolli - School Office Assistant (Attendance)
Paula Gonzalez - Nurse
Cate Cale-Thompson - Psychologist

Stacey Cates | Judy Maddox  – AM  (Room K2)
Annette DelBiaggio - AM  (Room K1)
Christina Ball - PM  (Room K1)
Martha Toca -  PM  (Room K2)

First Grade
Stephanie Ballerini  (Room 1)
Debbie Heuer  (Room 3)
Rhonda Moitoso  (Room 4)
Erin Tozi  (Room 2)

Second Grade
Kathy Cooper  (Room 6)
Tracy Hanner | Bryn Wilson  (Room 8)
Michelle Kelley  (Room 7)
Lori Victorin  (Room 5)

Third Grade
Julie Axtel  (Room 11)
Hilary Bullard (Room 14)
Laura Suda | Corrinne Vines  (Room 10)
Lisa Waterman  (Room 15)

Fourth Grade
Shelly Morford (Room 18)
Kathleen Ochoa  (Room 17)
David Rich  (Room 13)

Fourth/Fifth Combo
Leon Vanderspek  (Room 22)

Fifth Grade
Ann Marie Burke  (Room 20)
Daphne Moss  (Room 26)
Annette Tratos  (Room 21)

Sixth Grade
Jill Brackmann  (Room 28)
Stefanie Davis  (Room 23)
Jesse Good | Classroom Website  (Room 27)
Virginia Sloat | Diane Standring  (Room 29)

Computer Teacher
Max Karl

Full Inclusion Specialist
Julianne Morgon

Learning Center
Michelle Burke  (Room 9)
Carol Ribet  (Room 9)

Jessica Chinchiolo

Amy Curtis  (Room 25)
Tanya McAlexander  (Room 16)
Melissa Pitt  (Room 19)
Rowena Schumacher  (Room 24)

Food Service
Mary Silva
Amy Verrett