Dear Parents and Guardians,

With “Back-to-School” season upon us, I receive requests from parents on what they can donate to the classroom.  It is understandable that parents want to donate to our classroom, however, please keep in mind that the Elk Grove Unified School District provides your child with all of the basic supplies necessary for learning.

Donation requests are very restricted because of our commitment in California to a free and public education and is outlined in the Education Code below:

“Writing and drawing paper, pens, inks, blackboard erasers, crayons, pencils, and other necessary supplies for the use of the schools shall be furnished under direction of the governing board of the school district.”

“Supplies must be furnished free of cost to students when the supplies are what might be termed ‘school supplies’ and are necessary in order for students to pursue a course of study.”

If, for any reason, you cannot contribute additional supplies, don’t worry. In our classroom, all donated supplies are shared!



Enhancement materialsto support classroom learning:

  • Pencil pouches
  • Subject dividers
  • Highlighter Pens
  • Extra Binder Paper
  • Whiteboards, whiteboard markers and erasers
  • Post-it notes
  • Composition books
  • 1 ½  three ring binders


  Snacksfor kindergarten classrooms and for classroom parties.    Special Project Supplies (Classroom projects that students will take home to keep)

  • Holiday gifts
  • Mission projects
  • Science Fair projects
  • Film for classroom “yearbooks”


Art supplies

  • Construction paper
  • Glue, glue sticks
  • Colored pencils
  • Fine point markers
  • Sharpie pens


  Cashdonations for:

  • Book Club orders
  • Field trip transportation
  • School camps (i.e. Sly Park, Marin Headlands)


  Personal hygiene items

  • Tissue (Kleenex or other brand)
  • Waterless anti-bacterial soap, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, or wet wipes


Any cash donation must follow district guidelines.  A Gift Declaration Form is available through the school office.

Thank you so much for your consideration and your support as we embark on another exciting school year.