Welcome Readers

This site is completely created and maintained by  Mrs. Phillips’ 5th Grade and 6th grade class  at Joseph Sims Elementary School in Elk Grove, CA.  We started off as a site of book reviews only and are now expanding.  You can still access the book reviews by clicking on “Book Review Database” in the links, by clicking a genre in the categories section, or by typing in a title of a book or an author in the Search box.

Here’s what we already have….

Book Review Database

We have read over 500 books and written reviews so that it will be easier for you to pick a book you might like to read.  Click on “Book Review Database” in the Links section to learn more about the program and the rules for commenting.

Book Club

Our book clubs focus on a particular title.  We have divided up each book into section and have a blog prompt for each section.  We really want classes to particpate and talk about these books.  If you have book suggestions, please let us know by going to the Talk to Us section.

Author Study Podcasts

These podcasts all feature a different author  Thy will talk about the author’s life and about the books the author writes.  We will try to find things in common with the books to get a better understanding of the author.

Sites for Readers

These are reviewed websites that might really help you with your reading.  If you find any that you think we should include, just let us know in the “Talk to Us” section.

Comic Book Summaries

These picture summaries are created in Photo Story 3 and highlight the main events in stories the 6th graders have read.  DISCLAIMER – WE WILL GIVE THE ENDINGS AWAY IN THESE.

Game Show Templates

On this page, you will find PPT presentations in the format of popular game shows.  Each is based on a particular book.  You can use these to help you study for a book test or just for fun.  Also,  your teachers can download these to use with the class.

Here’s a Preview of what’s coming…..

How 2 Videos

These videos will help you with all sorts of reading problems like… finding a good book, making inferences, figuring out cause and effect, etc.  They are created and produced by the 6th grade class.