1/25 Homework

Math: PMT 6-7

Sentences: 6-10 Show you know the meaning of the spelling word by using contex clues. Ex: Darcy misread the directions so she ruined the brownies.

Read Earth from your Anthology (it’s posted in Google Classroom).

1/18 Homework

Math: PMT 6-3

Spelling: sentences 1-5

Spelling List: r-controlled vowels

  1. careful
  2. stared
  3. shared
  4. pair
  5. stairs
  6. wear
  7. bear
  8. where
  9. there
  10. dear
  11. rear
  12. gear
  13. here
  14. career
  15. peer
  16. shore
  17. carve
  18. storm
  19. square
  20. clearly

Vocabulary: See Google Classroom for vocabulary cards and practice activities.

  • amount
The amount of something is how much of that thing there is.
  • astronomy
Astronomy is the study of the stars and planets.
Cognate: astronomía
  • globe
The globe is the world.
Cognate: globo
  • solar system
The solar system includes Earth and the planets that move around the sun.
Cognate: sistema solar
  • support
If you support someone or something, you provide what they need.
  • temperature
The temperature of something tells how hot or cold that thing is.
Cognate: temperatura
  • warmth
When you feel the warmth of the sun, you feel its heat.

1/12 Homework

Spelling: sentences 7-11 (make sure sentences show that you understand the meaning of the spelling word.) Parents, you may need to ask to see their sentences so that they are neat, and there are limited capitalization, spelling and punctuation errors.

Moby Max: fact fluency (10 min) Parents, we’re moving into division, so it will help the students if they know their subtraction, addition and multiplication facts. Please make sure they’re putting in the time to master their facts. It’ll make math more accessible and fun for them.

Read 20 minutes.

1/10 Homework

Math: PMT 5.5 This is the last lesson of the chapter. We’ll review tomorrow and likely test on Wednesday.

Grammar: 3.4.1 finish Present and Future Tense verbs (Google Classroom)

Writing: finish Sequence and Transition words activity (Google Classroom)

Spelling: sentences 1-3 (we completed sentence #1 in class)

Library is tomorrow

Spelling and Vocabulary for Week of Jan. 10


  1. sharp
  2. yard
  3. artist
  4. carve
  5. porch
  6. storm
  7. sport
  8. story
  9. chore
  10. shore
  11. sore
  12. hoard
  13. oars
  14. pour
  15. your
  16. learn
  17. word
  18. turns
  19. orchard
  20. ignore

Parents, this week students will begin to write sentences as part of their homework. We’ve been working in class on writing meaningful sentences that shows they understand the meaning of the specific Spelling word. We’ll start slow. Tonight they’ll write three sentences. Sentences 1 will include the spelling word #1: “sharp.” They should show they know the meaning of the word by including context clues in their sentence. Ex: “Uncle Alex used a sharp knife to cut the Thanksgiving turkey.”

Let me know if you have any questions.


  • amazement
When you look at something with amazement , you are surprised.
  • disappear
When things disappear , you cannot see them anymore.
Cognate: desaparecer
  • donated
If you donated something to a person or group, you gave something to help.
Cognate: donar
  • leader
leader is a person who guides or leads others.
Cognate: líder
  • nervous
If you are nervous , you are upset or worried about something.
Cognate: nervioso
  • refused
If you refused to do something, you would not do it.
  • temporary
Something that is temporary lasts only for a short time.