Windows 7 developing a reputation for security

Well, it is almost time for “patch Tuesday”.  On the 2nd Tuesday of every month, Microsoft releases updates and patches for its operating systems (OS) and applications. In particular, this is the day each month that MS patches the critical security flaws that have been discovered in the preceding months.  When previous OS versions have been released, such as XP and Vista, the first few months saw a flurry of critical updates as holes were discovered and patched.

Looking at the advance notification of what is to be released next Tuesday, there appears to be only one patch affecting Windows 7.  Actually, the patch is for Internet Explorer 8, but the vulnerability affects all version of the OS running IE8, including Windows 7. 

With the discovery last month of a flaw that could allow an attack that could cause the system to “blue screen”, this is only the 2nd critical update for Windows 7.  From a security standpoint, that is unprecedented for a Microsoft OS.  It appears that Microsoft gave more than lip service to the focus on delivering a more stable and secure platform this time.  And speaking for myself, I find Windows 7 much easier and more enjoyable to use than Vista ever was. 

So if you are considering buying a new PC for Christmas, and you are worried about Windows 7 being fairly new, my advice is – don’t worry.  From all evidence so far, it is much superior to Vista, and should provide you with a good computing experience. 

(Of course, you should always keep your system updated with the latest patches as they are released.)

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 developing a reputation for security

  1. If this is true about Windows 7, our school is due for refresh in January and I was told we had to get Vista. Most of our teachers don’t use Vista at home. Wouldn’t Windows 7 be better since it is likely that we won’t get refreshed for a long time to come. Why refresh with something that is already outdated?

  2. Hi Kris. Regarding your refresh: Any time a new version of the OS is released, it has to undergo extensive testing before we start deploying it widely. We have to test for application compatibility; our techs have to use it for a while to learn how supporting it will be different; we have to develop images and test the deployment methods, etc. That process can take a while to complete.

    I spoke with the manager of the Desktop Support Team, Steve Mate, and he anticipates that we will be ready to begin deploying Windows 7 on newly installed systems by July 1.

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