Another Nigerian Scam

Here is another e-mail forwarded to me from a district employee, a variation of the Nigerian scam:

From: Rahim B. KAFUI []

Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 5:12 AM

Subject: =My Funds To Your Custody===


Attention !!!



I am directing this letter personally to you as the content is classified. I got your contact from your country’s trade journal. My names is Rahim B. KAFUI, i work for his Excellency James Ibori former Governor of Delta State in Nigeria. I know you do not know me and my boss but the website below will help you. html


The pictures of funds in the website are few of the funds in my custody, the actual truth of the matter is that the funds are not loot nor stolen, due to good management and leadership my boss have dispensed in his state they were please to have him save their money for them. Mr. President, governor of Central bank of Nigeria CBN and other government top functionaries are just jealous of me and they can’t find anything against me. The deal is that I have moved some huge amount of money to the tune of US$58Million through a diplomatic means secretly to a private security company in a neighboring country stashed in two trunk boxes. I was able to deface the bills with a black stain to avert security attention during the shipment process. I have the intention to move these funds overseas for investment, these funds belong to three of my customers who do not wish to disclose the source of their funds to the government hence they mandated me to make this move. I want you to assist!

  me receive them and keep them to


Let me know if you are interested so that we can commence work immediately as I am under probe right now with the government of my country.


Thank you for your time and will appreciate your sincere interest to seal this deal for us. I will let you have 15% of the total amount all to yourself for your assistance. Please send me your phone numbers, address and ID copy to enable me locate you when I get to your country. Be rest assured that this transaction is risk free.


Awaiting your sincere reply,

This one is a little more straight-forward than most.  It is appealing to greed, the chance to get money for very little effort.  People naive enough to actually respond with the information requested will find that their identity has been stolen.

It is a lesson our parents taught us from childhood, and it is still true today – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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