The Elk Grove Unified School District began piloting its secure EGUSD Portal website at secondary schools in the 2012- 2013 school year. The EGUSD Portal allows parents and guardians the option to access their secondary student’s official academic progress reports and report cards electronically. Parents and guardians are also able to securely update and change opt-out elections, such as directory information, posting of student photos, and movies and videos.

For the 2013-2014 school year, EGUSD is piloting the program at all elementary schools. Parents and guardians will be able to access their elementary student’s official report cards and change media opt-out selections.

Additional features such as attendance reporting and schedules are planned for the Portal in the near future that will provide parents and guardians with the opportunity to view other academic information about their student rather than receive printed reports through the U.S. mail.

Link to the EGUSD Portal


What is the EGUSD Portal?
The EGUSD Portal is a gateway for parents and guardians to securely access online information related to their students. The EGUSD Portal gives all parents and guardians the ability to access report cards electronically. Secondary parents and guardians will also have access to progress reports. Through the EGUSD Portal parents and guardians can download these documents and save for them for future reference. The EGUSD Portal also offers parents and guardians the ability to make Opt-Out selections online.

What are Opt-Out selections?
Parents and guardians have the ability to opt their students out of public media coverage, posting of student images and names through EGUSD digital communication tools, release of directory information, viewing PG-13 or R-rated films and family life education.

What else besides Report Cards and Progress Reports will be available?
The EGUSD Portal was piloted at secondary schools during the 2012-2013 school year. Elementary schools will begin participating in the 2013-2014 school year. As parents and guardians use the application, many ideas will be generated. A feedback form is provided in the EGUSD Portal for offering suggestions for improvement. In the future, we anticipate adding new content such as attendance information, schedules, transcripts and many other useful features.

How do I gain access to EGUSD Portal?
For current students, a letter containing registration information was sent home.  For new student registrations, if a parent/guardian email address is provided and “yes” is selected to the question “Do you wish to participate in EGUSD Portal in lieu of certain mailings?”, an invitation to join the EGUSD Portal will sent via email. This email will include a Guardian ID number and Verification Code. The notification will direct parents and guardians to a website where they can complete the registration process by creating a unique username and password.

EGUSD Portal FAQ (pdf)