Character Education (CE)

Schools that are infusing character education into their curriculum are finding improved academic, achievement, behavior, school culture, peer interaction, and peer involvement.

Developing character-based good citizenship in children and youth is one important goal of our school. Character based behaviors are essential to learning. By focusing on areas like caring, respect and responsibility, together we can reinforce and support academic achievement.

The Six Core Character Traits will focus on:

Caring, Giving, and Service

Be compassionate, considerate, helpful and understanding of others

Justice and Fairness

Be open-minded, unbiased, and equitable

Leadership, Initiative, and Teamwork

Earn the respect of others; take the first step; work well with others


Show regard for self, others, property, and the environment


Be answerable and accountable for your actions


Earn the confidence of others as a reliable and honest person

Here are some things we are doing at Isabelle Jackson that promote our Character Education Program:

  • Daily
    • “Caught You Being…” Tickets
  • Weekly
    • Bulletin Announcements, Front of the Line Lanyards, Golden Lunchbox, Free to Learn Curriculum
  • Monthly
    • Character Ed Assemblies, VIC Luncheon, Bulletin Board in MP recognizing CE Award Winners, Free to Learn Curriculum

“Caught You Being…” Tickets and VIC (Very Important Character) Luncheon

  • Tickets given by staff (yard supervisors and teachers) to students for observation of character traits or students exhibiting  BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE SAFE.
  • Students bring tickets to office to receive pencil and deposit tickets in raffle container
  • Before track change day, 8-10 students are drawn for a VIC luncheon and announced over PA
  • Remaining tickets are delivered to students’ classrooms by Conflict Managers where they are acknowledged by their teacher and classmates

Bulletin Announcements

  • Weekly announcements are made on Fridays spotlighting students and staff who have exhibited positive character traits
  • All students are encouraged to model positive character traits throughout the year

Front of the Line Lanyards

  • Two students from each classroom are chosen weekly to wear a special lanyard which designates them as line leaders in recognition of their excellent citizenship

Golden Lunchbox

  • Classrooms receive points from yard supervisors Friday through Thursday for cleaning their tables, the floors, recycling trays, quiet voices, and working as a team.
  • On Friday, the classroom from each grade level that earns the most points receives the Golden Lunchbox award which entitles them to an extra recess on Friday afternoons with administration and one yard supervisor
  • A poster in the multipurpose room keeps track of weekly winners

Character Education Assemblies and Bulletin Board in MP

  • One student from each class is recognized for his/her modeling of the highlighted character trait for the month during a special CE assembly the day before track change
  • A group picture of the two grade levels is taken and posted on the bulletin board in the MP

“Free to Learn” Curriculum

  • Character Education curriculum is used in classroom and is linked to Open Court stories and themes

Trait Posters in Classrooms

  • Post-it notes next to the posters that spotlight students in your classroom exhibiting that particular trait
  • Classroom posters showing what each trait would “look like” in your classroom