The Accelerated Reader (AR) Program provides teachers and children a fun and exciting way to promote reading at home and in the classroom.

Accelerated Reader (AR) software installed in the classrooms and computer lab allows students to take in-class quizzes on books they have read for points. Each book has a designated reading level as well as point value. Students receiving Accelerated Reader awards are honored with a certificate at an assembly.

Accelerated Reader:

  • Helps kids get excited about books
  • AR helps students focus attention on careful reading of books, which improves students critical-thinking skills and builds the intrinsic love of reading.
  • Provides teachers with reliable, objective information
  • Enables teachers to monitor both the quantity and quality of reading practice engaged in by their students.
  • Helps to keep students challenged

Using AR, students can read appropriate books within their zone of proximal development (ZPD). This ensures that every student is challenged without being frustrated.

Click here to take a sample Accelerated Reader quiz online at Renaissance Learning™

Click here to take a look at Sacramento City Library website for Accelerated Reader lists.