Roy Herburger Elementary School

Elk Grove Unified School District

Roy Herburger Elementary School
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      Roy Herburger Elementary School Mission & Vision Statements

      Mission Statement

      The mission of Roy Herburger Elementary is to ensure high levels of learning for each student.

      Vision Statement

      Through mutual respect and purposeful communication our children will grow and learn in a positive atmosphere where staff, students, and parents within our school community are enthusiastic about the teaching and learning process. We envision a school in which staff:

      Demonstrate a personal commitment to the academic success and overall well-being of each student.

      Work together-interdependently - in collaborative teams, with a common purpose.

      Build a strong partnership with parents and provide parents with the information they need to monitor and support the learning of their children.

      Provide a nurturing and safe environment that values the diversity of our school community.

      Delivers engaging and high-quality instruction in each classroom.
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