Final Project Proposal

For my final project I would like to take pictures of… nature! Nature is al around us and I feel as if people overlook it, and do not admire it’s beauty that it gives us. There are so many aspects of nature that make it wonderful, and fun to take pictures of such as trees, water, bugs, the sky, grass, animals, flowers, rain, etc.



One nature photographer is John Shaw. He travels the world taking photos of many things ranging from animals, to landscapes, to flowers, to buildings, people, and more. John Shaw has been a photographer since the early 1970s. Johns work has been published in many books, and magazines including National Geographic, and National wildlife. Throughout his life he has written 6 books.

I feel has if nature photography should be fun to take because nature is everywhere it just depends on what I choose to take.

john shaw



Tree Ants eye




ants eye

Nature photography is photography of photos taken outdoors which is devoted to displaying natural elements like wildlife, plants, and landscapes. It also focuses on natural textures. Capturing wildlife is getting photos of animals in their natural habitat. Capturing their movements and the small details like eating, sleeping, running. A good photo technique for nature is macro, like bees, and other insects and bugs. Try using color because color can really identify an animal or subject. I tried focussing on landscapes from ants eye view. Capturing animals or insects on campus is hard, luckily I was able to photograph ants on a tree. I was not able to get pictures of natural water, taking pictures at school really restricted me, and I should have gotten some outside of school. water and more animals would have been good because I would’ve been able to capture more aspects of nature instead of just landscapes and bugs. I like nature photography because I get to use macro. Macro is fun because it gets you in deep and you can see all the little details.

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