Grants Office

Elk Grove Unified School District

Grants Office
  • Our Mission...

    • The Grants Office vigorously pursues and acquires public and private grants that promote the District's mission and core values. This work is accomplished through partnerships with committed professionals including school staff, scholarly subject matter experts, technical and administrative staff and support from District leadership. The Grants Office oversees, coordinates and supports grant development activities throughout the District by providing services to teachers, staff and administrators and by serving as a liaison with current and potential external funding agencies.

      To help staff secure grant funding for projects, the District Grants Office provides technical support including:

      · Help translating ideas into fundable projects
      · Identifying potential grant funding sources
      · Interpreting grant guidelines
      · Completing grant applications
      · Writing narrative
      · Developing project budgets
      · Providing supporting research/data
      · Editing and proofreading applications
      · Formatting, copying and mailing/delivering applications

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