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What i did  for chrismas i went to my grandmal house and i got alot of clothes and then after my granmal house i went to my auntie house and i got alot of jordans but i left them at my God mom house and my family came over and we had a christmas party at my other auntie house everybody came and we had alot of fun and i also had alot of presents out of everybody because im my grandmals favorite grand daughter but my cousins were mad but i kind shared my stuff with them and we stayed up partying all day and night i had fun.

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New Years eve


for new years eve we went to my auntie house to help her for the party and everybody came to it was like alot of people coming and stuff and i was happy because i got to see all of my family i got to see aunties uncles and cousins and my cousins birthday was on new years eve so we ate cake and dance all night and then more people came it was allot of people it was between 90 and 100 people coming and we had the party until 12;00 everybody wanted to stay but it wasnt enough room but some people stayed the night and the next day it was my baby brother birthday party so we went to chucky cheese and then we  went to the mall and then we went to L.A to visit our family because we havnt seen them in a long time and after that we went to oakland to go see my auntie because the next day was her party so i had a fun time with  my family going places with them and spending time with them but when they left i was so sad.

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How SF Went


Sanfransico was fun but like the ride was so long and i couldnt wait to get off the bus but when we walked in it was so awsome to no all about how asia was like a long time ago  and the lady she told us more about asia and we so all the satues we couldnt touch it becuase we might brake it and then we were going to have to pay for it if we did brake it but. we could take pictures so i had some amazing pictures in my phone that i took when i was there but when we left i was so sad and the field trip  was so like short i didnt no it was going to be that short but i had a fun time with my besties.

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7 Random Thing about me

  1. my mom is my world
  2. my bestfriends are Tajanae Tanija Ziahsha
  3. my favorite color is purple
  4. i love my family
  5. my favorite teacher is Mrs. Gaviola i love her
  6. my Favorite food is chinese food
  7. i love sports
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Field Trip To San Francisco


The field trip was very fun we look at all of the statues at the Musem and it was interesting becuase she was telling the story about what happen in there days and we walked around and saw all the amazing facts about the Asian art musem and stuff and the Bay Area bridge was so beautyful. I loved  it I wanted to stay  longer but we couldn’t because we had to go back to school because the bus ride was long.I was sad becuase it was very fun to see how Asia and India were like awesome the stautes were very beauiful.



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My Favorite Fruit and Vegetable




 My favorite fruit is grapes and strawberrys. My favorite vegatable  is carrots and sqwaush its very heathy and it makes you stronger and healthy the reason why I like it is because I  just kept on trying them, and I got used to them. At  first I never use to like them but my mom said just tried them and u might think there good.  I tried it in at first it was so nasty but now I think it is so good and plus it is sweet.

Bye Thanks!!!!


This is my favorite fruit and vegetable.

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The Cute Cow


its was a cute cow her  name was snickers she was so beautyfuil and she told us how when she was 1years old she had a baby  and now she is 3years old and is pregnant right now and.then we saw another cow but it was a baby cow shes a girl and she was so beautyfuil her name was daisy she was sweet she  was not mean our harmful and she let us pet her i would love to have a baby cow like daisy and shes so so soft  you just would want to cuddle with the baby cow because shes pretty and sweet

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What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up


I wanna help kids that don’t have anything and that are suffering from hunger people should be happy for what that have because some kids dont have a house or a family. There are kids who come home and  brag how good there day was and, there probably thinking why doesn’t my family love me. They probably  get sad so when I get older I want to help those kids that doesn’t have nothing.  I hope homeless people that are on the streets are very careful.I  care about everybody that doesn’t have homes and  not getting what they really need. I dont think people should laugh at the people that don’t have nothing because they are suffering for food, clothes, and a home.



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Mobile Dairy Classroom


we saw a beautyfuil cow today her name was sneakers and she is 3years old and when she was 1years old she had a baby and when she turnt 1 years old that means shes a grown cow now and we saw this other beautyfuil cow her name was daisy she let us pet her she was very sweet and she was not mean at all but she had engery

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