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What I think will happen on the field trip will be that we will have a lot of fun. I think this because San Francisco is a beautiful and interesting place.  I was told we were going to eat lunch on the bus when we first arrive there. I am pretty sure the ride will be very long and boring. I expect the field trip to be very fun. I am sure that we will be filled with a lot of interesting facts. I know that we will also do some yoga. Now all I have to do is wait until we go on the field trip and see if I am correct.

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1. My favorite color is purple.

2.My favorite branch of the military is the Airforce.

3.My sister is in the Army.

4.I love Hello Kitty.

5.My favorite teacher is Ms.Gaviola.

6.I want to be in the Airforce.

7.I have two dogs.

8.I LOVE cheese.

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On my winter break, I did many things. On Christmas day, as I opened my gifts,I saw an envelope from my uncle with a movie ticket inside, my two brothers got one as well. My sister Evelyna,who is in the Army, got me a lot of Hello Kitty stuff because she knows I just love Hello Kitty, she also got me a very pretty frog necklece.I got new clothes,shoes,a sweater,Skip it game,a bracelet and necklace making kit,Hello Kitty stickers,socks,and so on. The next day,my two brothers, my sister, my cousin, and I all went to the movies to see Frozen.My sister did not want to see it but at the end she said it was a great movie and it was for sure. One of my favorite songs from the movie was ”Let It Go”.My favorite charecters are all of them except Hanz because at the end he just does something evil.On New years it was not very fun because only adults were there. The same night, I was so sad because my sister went to my aunt’s house to spend the night and the next morning,she would fly out back to Oklahoma.These are some the things that I did on my winter break.

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In Egypt, only 15% celebrate Christmas. They have many unique ways to celebrate Christmas. For the 40 days before Christmas, they don’t eat meat except for fish. Christmas day is not celebrated on the 25th of December, but on the 7th of January. On Christmas Eve (January 6th) Coptic Christians go to church for a special service. On Christmas day, people go into others houses for parties and festivities. Christmas is becoming a regular holiday in Egypt. In Egypt, Santa is called Baba Noel which means Father of  Christmas.

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I am really happy because it will be Christmas in a few days. I am even happier that my sister is coming back home from Oklahoma because she is in the Army.On the night of Christmas Eve,my brothers,my sister and I play a game. The game is, we have to start from the hallway, run to our room and put our pajamas on and whoever gets them on first,gets to open one of their presents first.My favorite part about Christmas is when the whole family gets together in the living room and opens presents together.The day after Christmas, we all go to a Christmas party on my dad’s side of the family and play Secret Santa.What I want for Christmas is an Ultimate Easy Bake Oven because I always loved to cook and bake.I don’t really have much to say but I hope you have a merry,merry Christmas.

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      My favorite fruit is Watermelon.I like this fruit because of  its juicy tastes.I love that it has such a sweet taste. In my opinion, watermelon is the best fruit to eat on a hot day.When I went to a party with my family,we were playing  games and we had a watermelon eating contest.I enjoyed the contest because I really love watermelon, even though I got sticky juice all over my face. Watermelons are good fruits for your bones.They also have alot of Vitamin C and D.Watermelons have lots of Pattassium.Watermelons are a great source of vitamins.These are some of the reasons why Watermelons are  my favorite fruits.

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    A place I would love to go to is Walt Disney World because it looks super fun and awesome.I would also  love to go to Walt Disney World because I want to spend a fun time with my family.Another reason is because I have never been somewhere that fun before.I also want to see the all of the beautiful sites. I would love to go to Disney World because I would love to go on huge rollercosters.It would be amazing to be amazing to be able to see all of the wonderful sites,colors,and wonderful things at Walt Disney World.I have never been there so every time I think about it, my mind is always filled with wonder.This is  Walt Disney World is one of  my dream places to visit.

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Next month on October 15th will be a great day but a sad day because my sister Evelyna is leaving to the Army.I’m really proud of  her but i’m sad because i’m going to really miss her. It’s weird because when Evey was little, my dad would always tell her that when she got older she would go to the Army,but she never thought that she would, but it turnes out that she was wrong and my dad right.I have to give it to her because if she had never asked me to work out with her all the time then I probably wouldn’t of  got such a great score on my PE. test in 5th grade.I’m really going to miss when she and I just hang out with each other all the time and do our own thing.I love my sister sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that I just don’t want to let her go but I know that I have to. When I get older I want to go to the Air Force and be just like Evelyna.I know that there’s going to be a time when you must let go but it seems impossible to let go of Evey.



Drop me a comment and tell me how you feel or would feel if you had to let go of someone or something you love.

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        If I were granted one super power it would be to controll earth elements because I think it would be really cool to make vines shoot out of my hands and wrap up all the bad guys and throw them into a bush, plus, that would be really funny.I would also like that power because if I wanted to get somewhere really fast , I could just swing on my vines.It would also be cool to save someone out of an ocean or something like that with my  super long vines, besides everytime I play superheroes with my brother and cousin, I always have the power to control earth elements. I think it would be awesome to be able to make an apple fall off a tree and hit a bad guy in the head with it, then afterwards I would throw them in jail and, literlly throw them.I would love to have this  super power because of allof these reasons.

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