My Incensing Return to L.A.

22 03 2014

This stinks! My mom has decided to move me back to L.A! This sucks! I was just saying hi to everyone! I can’t believe my own mom would make me get used to being back, and then just take everyone of my friends and family away from me! Ms. Gaviola, if your out there, please don’t delete my blog. I was having fun, and I like this blog. I met new people, new students in our school, and new friends that are international. I want to keep my blog. I don’t care if I have to die in order to come back to Sacramento, I am coming back, and if I have to lose a leg or my life, I DONT CARE. I will return. Jordon Alyxander Reeves WILL return to Sacramento! I’m just so ANGRY….

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