Unorthodox Population

13 03 2014

I have this guy named Dylan in my class, and he has more pageviews than me. I know I sound like a chill guy, but I don’t like people being better than me. It’s an itching feeling I get when someone is better than me, I have to do something or it will never go. To help this issue, tell everyone you know about my blog to help me. I know it sounds weird but I just need to be better than him. Besides, Dylan and I both like competitions, so he’s OK with it. Do you like my blog? Keep it alive by commenting and telling everyone about my blog.



5 responses to “Unorthodox Population”

    17 03 2014
      Matthew (06:40:20) :     Reply

    Hi Jordon,
    thanks for checking out my blog and i’m kind of like you.

    I live in Melbourne Australia it is hot here, You live in Sacremento which is in the U.S.A I think….

    I hate it when people are better than me at something, I like your blog and I hope you continue to keep up the great work.


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