My Quick Yet LONG visit to L.A.

13 03 2014

IT WAS THE WORST EIGHT MONTHS OF MY LIFE! I wish I didn’t go! I missed all my friends, I had all my stuff packed up like we were going to live there, and the worst part, I was away from my dad. He lived in Sacramento and I was in my Grandma’s house without a real home, with all my family! I am trying not to talk to my mom, because she was the cause of all of it! When we moved back, it was the best day of my life, and I never want to move to anywhere again, because 1. I would be away from everyone, even my blog friends. 2. Most of my family lives in Sacramento. 3. I just don’t like the place. Not the place to be. I don’t ever want to leave Sacramento. Not even for college. I’ll find a college close by. I don’t ever want to leave. Ever.



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