Minecraft Review

13 03 2014

Minecraft is a sandbox game that contains blocks and horrible graphics. The game is very entertaining once you get it. The creator of Minecraft Is Markus Alexej Persson, A.K.A. Notch, and developer Jens Bergensten, a.k.a. Jeb. Minecraft has three default worlds and a downloadable one. The Overworld, where you spawn, The Nether, a.k.a. The Underworld, The End World, and The A’ether, a sort of heaven in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you can make large buildings like this one, or you could build this to the left. There are endless possibilities but really? A house made of dirt? There is Singleplayer, with survival where you have to gain resources to survive, Creative with endless supplies to freely build with, Adventure, where you can play on maps you have created without destroying blocks or anything, or Hardcore for daring people where it’s on the hardest level and you can’t respawn. Also, the world will be deleted. There’s Multiplayer where people from around the world make servers for people to play on and participate on. There are texture packs like this one on the top left, which is the Mass Effect Texture Pack, you can get mods which give you special perks like the Car mod to the top right. Minecraft has many many things, so to get it, check out http://www.minecraft.net/ on your own computer(it won’t work on the school PC) and I hope you have a great experience.



5 responses to “Minecraft Review”

    17 03 2014
      william (22:40:52) :     Reply

    I like the writing about minecraft. I want to know that did you relly make them, the building on the pitcher.

      19 03 2014
        Jordon (18:09:24) :     Reply

      oh, i didnt make it. I wish….but for some real pics, I can post some later!

    19 03 2014
      mauriced (18:23:26) :     Reply

    I like mind craft its fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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