Browsing Comedy :D

7 03 2014

I was just browsing the web and I found this hilarious photo! I guess that the turtle was in his shell when the cat said that. LOL. This is stuff you can find browsing the web. LOL

7 Random Things About Me

7 03 2014
  1. I hate shrimp because it hurts my throat.
  2. My Favorite color is red, but I look good in black and white.
  3. My favorite MK (Mortal Kombat) character is Scorpion because I know most of his moves.
  4. I like watching football.
  5. I used to be  allergic to pineapple.
  6. I want a dog REALLY BAD
  7. I fill the sink up so that I can dip my eyes in the water to make them feel better.

The Replacement of Cats

7 03 2014

This is Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog!!!! 😀

Chinchillas. This is the replacement of cats if they were to die off. Imagine people constantly buying cat food and the company runs out of ingredients. Cats would become endangered, and then people would feed them different foods. Then people won’t find a male cat to go with a female to reproduce and the world WOULD END!! However, how about chinchillas? Chinchillas are cute, soft, and friendly! The population is wide, but if the chinchillas don’t adapt to their owner in the next two weeks, they will be returned to the wild. Chinchillas are wild animals, but so were cats until humans learned to tame them.


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