TIP 3:

Is your child using Google Docs?  Do you wonder what the heck that is?

Did you know your student can log on ANYWHERE and access their Google Docs?  There’s an APP for that AND you can also access Google Docs via any Internet browser (Google Chrome obviously works best)!  Google Docs is 1 part of the G-Suite (formerly named GAFE  [Google Apps for Education] ).  G-Suite also includes Google Slides (akin to Powerpoint), Google Sheets (akin to Excel), Google Drawing, and Google Forms (among a few others).  Typing is saved AS YOU TYPE, so no lost documents!  You can access on your phone or tablet….dentist appt but child has writing homework?  Leave them your phone or tablet with the app loaded and they can work on it in the waiting room!

Here is a short introductory tutorial on Google Docs (note that the video is dated, but does an EXCELLENT job explaining the concept).  Chances are that if you don’t currently use it, you will be excited to give it a try because you can access your files from ANYWHERE you have Internet access.

Here is a 35 minute video tutorial on HOW to USE Google Docs & Drive (by default, you must set up your Google Drive first; think of it as your own “online flash drive”).

One final note, your student’s “email address” for “Share” purposes is their 997—– number (student ID) @egusd.net  –>  ex. 99712345@egusd.net –> they can access documents you share with them on their Google Drive.  They do NOT HAVE ACCESS to email via this username even though it asks for “email address”.

TIP 3.1:

Create chore lists, to-do lists, write a love letter….anything you want them to see and ultimately self-manage.


TIP 2:

Navigate to www.blogs.egusd.net/franklin –> Click on RSS Feed –> Enter email address to receive an email each time a new “POST” is made (the “newsy” posts in the center of the homepage)


TIP 1:

Looking for a math homework “game changer””? Did you know that there is a MATH video for about 95% of the GoMath! lessons on YouTube? You will see them presented either:

Using the actual math page from GoMath! to walk them through; OR
It’s a teacher doing a mini lesson, not necessarily using the problems from the book.

The trick to successfully finding what you need is to type in the EXACT name of the lesson…for example: 1.1 Addition Concepts (the name and number of the lesson is always at the top of the first page of the lesson) followed by the word “video”. Webmaster would love feedback because if many find it useful, we will work on compiling videos for each grade level’s lessons! It will be a major project, so if you would like to help with your child’s grade level, please contact Ms. Wood at kwoodaa@egusd.net