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Franklin School Garden is a wonderful outdoor classroom.  The garden has flowers, vegetables, herbs, and a variety of fruit trees:  plum, apple,  orange, lime and fig, and numerous grapes. Students learn about the food chain, soil conditions, types of plants, beneficial insects, and care of maintenance of the garden.   Mrs. O’Hair and Mrs. McIntire are the teachers in charge of the garden.

We are  fortunate to have volunteers from Gardeners of the Grove, an Elk Grove gardening club, assisting us.  They work with small groups of students each time the Garden Club meets.   Parents and other relatives also assist with student groups and are welcomed and encouraged to participate.  In addition, the school custodians help with emergency maintenance; and Ginger Shelton, a classroom aide who lives nearby, cares for the garden over the summer.

We have dreams of expanding the garden with additional beds closer to Hood Franklin Road, more apple trees, kiwis (and trellises to support them), a shade covering over the picnic tables, an outdoor sink/counter area, a native plant area, a garden path area with benches in the shade of the oak trees, and a larger compost area.  Future plans also include a student –operated produce stand and a cooking program.

We are always looking for support from the community. If you have any expertise or desire to help on a specific project, please let us know!

Garden Club Rules

Garden Club Pick Up Procedure:

Garden Club Parents,

Due to new safety measures, all students participating in the Garden Club must be picked up at the front gate. We will follow regular dismissal procedures. At 3:30 students will be walked to the gate and lined up. Parents may park their cars and retrieve their children at the crosswalks or drive up and have their children sent to the cars.

Parents who work in the garden may walk their children directly out from the garden. If you would like to work in the garden, please let Mrs. O’Hair or Mrs. McIntire know. Helpers must arrive by 2:15 pm (to beat the after school traffic) and check in at the office.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Mrs. O’Hair and Mrs. McIntire