1. What you need?  Your student’s ID number from the district (8 digits, usually starting with 99 or 55).  Your student’s teacher has that number, if you do not.
  2. Go here (http://blogs.egusd.net/franklin/) if you are not already on the website
  3. Scroll down.  On left, click “Student Links” (the chain icon); OR click “Students” on black menu bar at top of home page THEN select the grade level.
  4. Choose the uppermost button that says, “EGUSD Classlink Portal”
  5. Click “Sign in with EGUSD account”
  6. A login screen should pop up – enter username (student ID) and password (most students know their password or you can get it from the teacher)
  7. You should be in a blue screen with several icons.  This is called the Portal.
  8. Click on Think Central or Wonders.  It will AUTOMATICALLY log the student in.
  9. For “Think Central” (GoMath! website) –> Click on Library
    1. There are several items that will be useful
    2. Independent practice –> Click on “Interactive Student Edition”
    3. Choose the Chapter and Lesson
    4. Student should be able to work on this independently for the most part as there is a “Personal Math Trainer” that walks them through things they do not know.
  10. For Wonders –> Click on the picture of the student’s book
    1. There are several menu buttons to explore.  The Adaptive Learning option is fantastic for struggling readers.
    2. Student may search ANY story they’ve read in Wonders from the search box