1. What you need?  Your student’s 99xxxxxx from the district.  Your student’s teacher has that number, if you do not.
  2. Go here (http://blogs.egusd.net/franklin/) if you are not already on the website
  3. Scroll down.  On left, click “Student Links” (the chain icon); OR click “Students” on black menu bar at top of home page.
  4. Choose the uppermost button that says, “EGUSD Classlink Portal”
  5. Click “Sign in with EGUSD account”
  6. A login screen should pop up
    1. Enter username: 99xxxxxx@egusd.net (99# is student’s EGUSD Identification Number)
    2. Enter password:
      1. K-1: school
      2. 2:  Student2027
      3. 3:  Student2026
      4. 4:  Student2025
      5. 5:  Student2024
      6. 6:  Student2023
  7. You should be in a blue screen with several icons.  This is called the Portal.
  8. Click on Think Central or Wonders.  It will AUTOMATICALLY log the student in.
  9. For “Think Central” (GoMath! website) –> Click on Library
    1. There are several items that will be useful
    2. Independent practice –> Click on “Interactive Student Edition”
    3. Choose the Chapter and Lesson
    4. Student should be able to work on this independently for the most part as there is a “Personal Math Trainer” that walks them through things they do not know.
  10.   For Wonders –> Click on the picture of the student’s book
    1. There are 5 menu buttons to explore
    2. Student may search ANY story they’ve read in Wonders from the search box