Food and Nutrition Services puts good nutrition first.

In addition to serving high quality nutritious foods FNS supports a district wide nutrition education effort through the SHAPE program.

SHAPE color

Classrooms that participate in SHAPE receive:

  • Annual nutrition education workshops on how to make nutrition come to life in the classroom
  • Free nutrition curriculum
  • Free Nutrition Resource Library
  • Nutrition Field Trips
    • 1st & 3rd grade visits Food and Nutrition Services Central Kitchen
    • 2nd grade tours their school cafeteria
    • 4th grade explores and shops at a farmers’ market
    • 5th grade reads food labels at a grocery store
    • 6th grade lends a hand at the food bank at learns about food insecurity
  • Monthly Harvest of the Month produce for studying and tasting

Harvest of the Month

Food and Nutrition Services also provides enhanced nutrition education resources at various school sites, such as:

  • Cooking Assemblies
  • Farmers Markets
  • Nutrition Olympics
  • Classroom Resources
  • Caught You Eating Healthy Campaigns