Central Kitchen
  • Received the Food Safety Award of Excellence.
  • Produces almost 55,000 units of baked product each day.
  • Cooks from scratch 1,440 pounds of taco meat per week.
  • Bakes 15,000 elementary cookies per week.
  • Cookies are made from scratch using applesauce and oatmeal.
  • Makes 5,000 secondary bagels per week.
  • Bakes 5,000 cinnamon rolls per week.
  • Uses only trans-fat free margarine and 100% pure vegetable oil.
  • Mixes and portions its own low fat ranch dressing.
  • The bakery flour silos hold 10,000 pounds of whole grain flour.
  • The warehouse handles about 400,000 cases of product a year.
  • All schools offer both a breakfast and lunch program under the National School Lunch Program.
  • Eleven sites provide snacks to kids after school (through the After School Snack Program).
  • Seventeen sites provide supper/dinner to students (through the Child and Adult Care Food Program).
  • Sixteen sites provide breakfast and/or lunch to pre-schoolers (through the National School Lunch Program).
  • Over 15,000 cartons of milk (both 1% white and fat-free chocolate) are served to elementary students daily during lunch service.