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    • Food and Nutrition Services believes that good nutrition and learning go hand in hand. The Harvest of the Month program is one way we show our commitment to good nutrition and learning. Each month, participating classrooms receive a fruit or vegetable to study and taste. 2019-2020 Harvest of the Month Produce

      July Harvest of the Month - Plums
      Harvest of the Month - July
      Artwork: Santiago Duran, 2nd Grade - Herman Leimbach Elementary School

      One medium-sized plum provides a good source of vitamin C.

      Note from the FNS Director

      Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) believes that healthier students are better learners and we are committed to providing students food that promote a healthy body and mind. The FNS department provides a strong foundation by offering multiple nutrition education programs that focus on teaching students the importance of healthy eating. Our goal is to teach children to enjoy eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and to provide a strong farm to school presence through nutrition education and the foods we serve.

      Our commitment to farm to school means we procure much of our produce from California farmers. We sourced approximately 80% of our fresh fruits and vegetables from California with many items purchased from local farms within 250 miles of Elk Grove. We were one of the founding school districts to focus on providing California foods to California kids. We continue to strive to offer wholesome foods that students will enjoy and parents can have confidence in.

      Our nutrition education focus is on food literacy: teaching students where our food comes from and how it is grown. In order to make a connection between the cafeteria and the classroom, we highlight one seasonal produce item every month through our Harvest of the Month program. Students get to taste, study and learn where in California the item is grown. Our hope is that in teaching students more about the foods they eat, that they will make healthier food choices and be advocates for the environment.

      Being an advocate for the environment also means addressing the issue of food waste. Sharing with students the importance of only taking what you will eat, sharing with others through the share cart, and sorting organic waste from trash will help children make an impact on the environment.

      Our commitment to provide students foods they enjoy eating and that promote a healthy body and mind is a win-win situation: healthier students are better learners, local purchases help the local economy, and we do our part for the environment.

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