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Monterey Trail High School’s Design and Technology (DATA) Academy aims to provide a rigorous four-year program designed to give students training, information and resources in the areas of Engineering, Computer Science and Environmental Architecture. Throughout the students’ high school career, DATA teachers focus on three main goals:

  1. to strengthen students’ motivation and commitment to learning by providing purpose for their learning experiences
  2. to improve students’ connection to school through personalized learning environments and workplace experiences
  3. and to prepare students to enter industry with appropriate certification and/or post-secondary education

Sure, goals are important; but, it’s also important to get feedback directly from the students, which is included below (Please note: the feedback below is unedited).

  • DATA was a family. Despite my lack of participation in any of the DATA events which includes some of the DATA meetings and all the wonderful field trips I missed out on, I knew when I walked in a DATA class setting; everyone was either my brother or my sister. This has helped me achieved my goals not necessarily what DATA provided to me with the major I picked, but rather something else. My goal when I walked into high school was to discover myself, understand who I want to be as person, and make High School as memorable as I can. DATA has truly helped me achieve that and more.
  • It has helped me to really reach out to teachers and fellow classmates, in both times when I need help and just in general. I’ve gotten a lot more organized and my technical skills have grown exponentially. And now I have a family I can rely on to help me further along my way~
  • DATA provided me the environment to meet new people and to unify with others. By being a part of this academy, I learned about certain other extra content not included in the main school work. Also, it provided me a working path just in case I didn’t have a working path. Though now I do have a path, I liked the idea of having a backup plan just in case. Also, DATA told me about opportunities that I probably would not have heard about if I was not in.
  • My goal, primarily as of now, is oriented towards receiving an education, because education is going to be a big factor in what I’d like to do in the future. DATA has not only helped me further my education (academic and interest wise), but I made a lot of connections with people, working in teams and learning new perspectives by going on field trips. DATA has helped me learn skills that will very valuable to me in the future–as a part of the engineering strand, I have learned how to manage my time, creating a portfolio and working on the mailbox for Guys and Dolls. Overall, it has helped me achieve my goals by teaching me valuable skills and helping me connect with other people. I’m very glad that I joined DATA ?
  • DATA really introduced me to computer science and got me interested in it.
  • DATA has helped me realize what I would like to do in life and that I was not really actually that interested in engineering but something in the biology field. Even though it has helped me develop a multitude of leadership skills, I learned how to apply a number of skills with hands on work and office work.
  • I learned workplace skills and received real-time job experience because of how helpful all of the DATA teachers are. I also learned a lot of life skills from being with DATA people all the time.
  • DATA has been a great help to me. Its help me accomplish many things in life and as well with my education.
  • Made me realize that I really wanted to be an engineering. More specifically, a computer engineer.
  • DATA has helped me forever be beautiful and buff for the skills I have achieved during my time and high school. I am now buff, sexy, awesome, cute, pretty, courageous, athletic, and a lifelong learner because of DATA and forever happy.
  • DATA has helped me achieve my goals by giving me experience in Computer Science and Engineering. It has helped me obtain valuable skills such as being able to use CADD and hands on experience with tools used in Engineering.
  • DATA has given me more than tech skills; it has taught me about communication, collaboration, and problem solving skills. I would not be who I am today without my DATA family.
  • DATA has helped me discover a new field of interests and gain experience in working in depth with computers. It has allowed me to work as a leader and given me opportunities to plan out my time in college.
  • DATA has taught me many computer science skills that I can use in the future and put on resume’s that can make me stand out on resumes and employers.
  • The classes such as English DATA, Math DATA, and etc. were great.
  • DATA has helped me improve both in academics and social skills. I was able to learn about the different fields of technology and allowed me to try out different career paths. Through DATA I was able to realize what I wanted to do with my future. It helped me become a more social person as well through the projects and collaborations with other students. DATA has definitely helped me achieve my goals by helping me grow as a student and as a person.
  • DATA has helped me a lot with learning about the things I love. DATA helped me figure out what I truly want to do in my life. DATA has helped me boost my self-confidence. There is no other academy I’d rather be in.
  • DATA has helped me achieve my goals as I learned more about what I wanted to do career wise as I am more comfortable working with and understanding computers now. I was able to learn to program using basic languages and it has made me think more about how programs and applications run when I took courses such as Computer Math and Web Design.
  • DATA has helped me realize that Engineering should not be my intended major. The DATA classes helped me build a bond with my fellow classmates and open up to become more social.
  • DATA has given me the skills and opportunities to hone my skills in using the computer and many programs like CAD and Revit.
  • DATA has given me skills that I can apply to my future. It has provided a community of students that all share similar interests in technology and has given me great experiences and opportunities that will stay with me forever.
  • I got to explore different career fields in computer science and eliminate what careers I would not pursue in order to find what I like. Without DATA, I probably would have wasted time in college changing my major.
  • It helped me with finding out my major of interest and I’m glad I joined because it gave me the opportunity to become something in life.
  • DATA Taught me how to set goals, achieve them, problem solve, and showed me real world problems with real world solutions
  • DATA has helped tremendously. From all those computer science classes to all of the help I’ve received from these amazing teachers. Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Noakes, Mr. and Mrs. Lascola, and Mrs. Hitchcock have all helped me.
  • DATA has provided me with amazing support, education, and experience in many fields which I can use to apply to my future studies in college.
  • Not only DATA helped me achieved my goals; it helped me become who I am and what I truly want to do for my future. I never planned to join because of engineering or environmental architecture; I joined because everyone else was doing it. I was not good at all the things I was taught such as building structures, handling mechanical equipment, or drawing out blueprints, but the experience I can use them for a long term. It made me realize I want something else for my future which was landscaping and architecture encouraged me to aspire for it. Designing structures was most helpful for me because I will use that when I major in landscaping architecture. I want to help design a green environment.
  • DATA has helped me work on computer science skills and recommended me to join cyber patriots club, which was sponsored by the Airforce association. In Cyber patriots club I learned how to work on preventing viruses penetrating the computer system and clean away all Malware bugs that can affect the computer. Also, I learned how to work on the computers internal components like installing the hard drive, CD-ROM, sound card, memory card, and other components.
  • DATA has taught me much about the engineering trade, from the programs used to design everything from toy cars to skyscrapers (i.e. AutoCAD and Inventor) as well as the processes through which they are brought to reality (Use of power tools, welding). These skills will come in very useful in my future career; already having knowledge in designing and building assemblies provides an edge to get ahead of other competitors in the field.
  • DATA has helped me achieved many things including learning about leadership and various computer programs.
  • DATA has helped me achieve my goals by helping build up my resume, learn technical skills through the computer such as CADD, worked with engineering tools, and how I can apply for jobs.
  • DATA helped me to realize that I’m mostly interested in science and technology, which was something of consideration when I was trying to decide on my major. It also encouraged me to want to be an active participant in the future and to get really involved, and it’s ultimately going to help me achieve that future goal.
  • DATA has helped me decide what I’d like to pursue in the future and with my choices regarding careers. As mentioned in the earlier questions, I’ll be attending UC Irvine for Computer Science. The classes I’ve taken in DATA, the leadership, and overall, experiences I’ve received with DATA have helped me in deciding what I’d like to do with my future. I enjoyed being a part of the Cyber Patriot teams, working closely with my peers, and getting advice from our wonderful coach. Because of this experience, my interest in the Cyber Security field has grown along with my interest in the technology field. DATA has helped me with becoming less shy and open up with others, to openly help with DATA Leadership.
  • Being a part of DATA has allowed me to grow as an individual and has taught me that I am capable of achieving things I thought were once out of reach. The teachers and mentors have also guided me throughout high school so many aspects of DATA helped me achieve my past goals and the skills I have gained will help me achieve my future goals as well.
  • In DATA I was able to realize what my strength is in the computer technology field. As an incoming freshman, I knew that I had an interest in computers by taking computer technology in Middle School. Through the courses required in the Computer Science strand, I fell in love with programming. DATA has prepared me for my future and I am even more excited for the rigorous classes in college!
  • They helped me with my leadership skills and team work skills. I was also able to learn new things in the architecture and engineering field.
  • DATA has helped me by making me make a better choice on what I would like to do as my career. If I had never joined DATA I would never had been to learn of the skills that I have learned from the academy. This academy helped me with learning how to use computers and what you can do with them and much more than that. Overall this academy was great and I am glad that I joined DATA.
  • Many opportunities to help me expand my workplace skill and overcome my fear of public speaking and building my confidence as a person and leader.
  • DATA helped me achieve my goals by helping me with my technology skills. It helped me open up more and help me communicate with others. DATA helped me work harder because the DATA classes were hard but it helped me push myself for which will help me in the future.
  • DATA has taught me many life and technical skills. The academy has helped me learn basic programming, how to use many applications, such as word, excel, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. DATA also helped me discover what it is I want to do in my life.
  • It has helped me by learning that I do not work well with computers and that I am not fit to be an engineer. Even though I didn’t do much with DATA I still have a lot of good memories with DATA and grateful that it has helped me learn what I wanted to do with my future.
  • DATA helped me in computer classes to increase my potential to get into programming as my future job.
  • DATA has helped me so much. Especially with achieving my goals because they taught me a lot even team work because team work applies to my future career. They taught me things and were able to motivate me through everything I’ve been through and I thank them for that.
  • In the beginning of my freshman year I wanted to become a mechanical engineer so DATA really opened my eyes towards this field. I have made many great friends and memories in this academy and I don’t regret it one bit. The amazing teachers that came along with this academy was also an extra bonus, you can really tell how much they really care for you. I will never forget what DATA did for me.
  • DATA has helped me by understand how I will get into college and later on learn how to acquire a career in health science
  • DATA helped me realize what I want to be. At first I wanted to be a computer programmer but due to circumstances, I have decided to go into bioengineering. Though my interest for computer science is still strong, I will continue to work on it as a hobby. DATA also helped me become a more responsible person. I was able to learn time management, team work skills, etc. These skills will help me as a student and even more as a person.
  • Opened my eyes to new possibilities in the terms of my life and future. I will definitely remember my time in high school so thank you
  • DATA has helped me become well aware of how to use computers and the many skills of critical thinking in different situations. I have better developed as a person by becoming more outgoing and striving to get a job because of my resume that I made in my freshman year.
  • It has helped me gain technological skills and communication skills. I am now able to work with programs such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Scratch, Multimedia Fusion, and Web Expression 4.
  • DATA has set me up with a strong basis in engineering allowing me to follow my career paths without hesitation
  • DATA has brought me together with many new friends and peers that have helped me grow as a student and an individual throughout my years at Monterey Trail High School. I have also been taught valuable new skills in computer science focusing on computer programming and web design. With the technological advances that are continuing to grow within the next several years, I am confident that my early introduction has made me a more knowledgeable individual. My goals at the moment are to attend college and graduate with honors. I am not 100% in my current major and am open to changing within the next year or two, but I know that it will ready me for a life-long career.
  • Helped me prepare for college and expanded my knowledge in computer science. It also helped me find out what I wanted to do in college and how I would prepare for it.
  • DATA has provided me with the technological skills that I will need for the future. I plan on becoming a teacher, and with that, have to use a lot of technology because of the advancements. DATA has helped me become more aware of the capabilities of technology.
  • DATA has been a wonderful experience which has helped me learn more about computers and myself. However, DATA as a whole has not helped me further my learning experience for my major or my direct interests.
  • DATA’s hands on classes really helped me throughout my intended major. Also DATA Clubs, like CyberPatriot, and DTT really helped me on the Application of the classes. Even more so, it opened my eyes into the world of possibilities. Application is where I find satisfaction. Connecting one object to another is probably the hardest thing to do. That’s why I need to get more experience in the field of computer science so I could refine my skills that DATA offered me and become better than I was before.
  • DATA has helped me learn computer skills and helped to achieve my goals in being k
  • It taught me many skills and I was able to use a variety of programs.
  • DATA has helped me gain experience in college courses and real life experiences in building sets. DATA taught me valuable social skills as well have a positive outlook on life. I believe that these skills I have gained will be essential throughout my life.
  • DATA has helped me realize my love for hands on learning and activities. It has also given me more experience and knowledge on engineering and to think critically and analytically.
  • DATA has helped me achieve my goals by making it clear to me where the passion is. I know that I want to be a mechanical engineer. Not only did it help me decide but it gave me a real look into what industry is like and taught me a lot of educational and social skills.
  • DATA has given me the skills and abilities to help me achieve my goals. DATA has helped me grow as a person, and the experiences I’ve had in DATA were fun and great.
  • DATA has helped me in many ways to achieve my goals; I have been prepared very well to go into my intended major of Computer Science. I have made a multitude of friends that I am very glad to have met. I have also learned to do many computing styles such as C# and C++.
  • It has helped me achieve knowledge of computer coding. It has helped me get involved and know what I need to do in order to become a professional coder.
  • DATA have helped me get ahead of my major. Taking Environmental Architecture have taught me the fundamentals of architecture and although I decided to move to engineering, I still believe that architecture and engineering are both highly connected with each other and knowing both would be beneficial. Now that I know how to use CADD and Revit, I am now ahead of other students who would want to pursue the same major but have no experience.
  • DATA helped me achieve my goals because it helped me with talking in front of people, obtain technological skills, and helped me focus on a career goal
  • It gave me something different to add to my resume. Something that was special and added character.
  • Technological know-how and better understanding of electronic devices. Helping the communities.
  • DATA has helped me reassure my career goals through taking classes such as Exploring Technology, CADD, and Engineering A. The curriculum that is taught in these courses is extremely interesting to me and tied into my initial goal of being a civil engineer.
  • DATA helped me realize what fascinated me. I always wanted to help the environment and ecology and engineering, with the help of ExTech, showed me that I can actually make a difference. It let me make friends with the constant sight of the same students.

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