Distance Learning

Please find resources to help you prepare and participate in distance learning. The links below are broken into several different sections to help you. Note that teachers will be providing information to you via email and through other sites such as Google Classroom. If you have not heard from your child’s teacher please feel free to contact them by using the staff links at the top of the web page. It is important that you update the school with communication details such as current email and phone numbers.

Basic Chromebook Tutorials: Start here! Click Below.

* The videos below are created by Mr. Newkom and other EGUSD Computer Teachers but the concepts are the same.

Technology Tips and Tricks.  If your Chromebook isn’t working correctly try the tips in this Google Slide Presentation.  Also, watch the videos inside the slideshow for more information.

I have a Chromebook Now what? Chromebook basics Google Slide Presentation

Chromebook Basics – How to sign on, portal and ways to get on zoom (2 min video)

Chromebook 101:    A perfect video for K, 1, and 2. Perfect for someone who didn’t do distance learning on a Chromebook last spring. 

Chromebooks and Typing: This video shows how to practice Typing on a Chromebook. 



In addition to the information below, the district has more help on common issues on their Family and Community page (click to access),

Student Meal Distribution

EGUSD is providing meals to students as we have during the normal school year. Any EGUSD students may pick up a meal from our school site outside the main gate (in the parking lot) between 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday – Friday.

Chromebook Connection issues

If you are attempting to log in using an EGUSD Chromebook you will first need to connect it to your home network. These devices cannot be used without a connection to the internet. For detailed step by step instructions on connecting to your home or other WiFi network please look at your EGUSD Loaner Agreement or click here for an online copy. Details are found at the end of the document.

Student ID’s and Passwords

Student IDs can be found on student report cards. If you are unable to locate your student’s id you may request it from your child’s teacher. If you cannot contact your child’s teacher please contact the office staff.

Passwords are unique to each student. If your student cannot remember their password you can email Mr. Newkom and have your password reset. Password resets will happen as soon as possible during weekdays. Please include the student name and teacher.


portal.egusd.net  – This is an access point to all student curriculum.
Portal instructions  – Google Slide presentation on how to access the student portal from a home computer. At the end of the presentation, you will find common troubleshooting information.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom will be used for most grade levels to connect students and teachers. This virtual space allows teachers to post information, chat, and create assignments for students. Please note that Distance Learning will not begin with new instruction until April 20. You may receive information to prepare you and your student before that date but no new content will be provided to your student until this date.

Access Google Classroom directly through the portal. If you choose to access it via web address (classroom.google.com), you will need to ensure that the student account is being used by checking the user bubble in the top right corner. To switch accounts, click the user bubble and choose the appropriate account.

Parents Guide to Google Classroom

NOTE: The most common problem that is being seen right now is that even after clicking on Google Classroom through the portal the computer may default to another account that you are signed into. When in Google Classroom check the bubble in the top right corner and see what account is being used. Class codes will only work on egusd.net accounts.

Synergy/Parent Vue

The Student Information System used in EGUSD is called Synergy. If you have not yet set up your parent vue account you may do this by contacting the office. You may either call (916-509-8877) or email the office to retrieve your login information.

Once you have enrolled in Parent Vue you will be able to communicate with your child’s teacher and access grade information, when available. This is also a place where you can update your communication information such as email or phone numbers.


Teaching is going online with Zoom. Teachers may have you or your child join them in a Zoom meeting so that they can connect and provide instruction remotely. Students will access zoom through a link sent by their teacher. Access to Zoom may require a download when connecting to a link. This is the normal way for the connection to be established. Please be sure that the student uses their EGUSD personal account information. If prompted to log in, they may select “Log in with Google” and then use their district account (studentid@egusd.net) and district password. Students do not need to have access to a camera or microphone to participate but these devices do enhance the experience.

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