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Dear Families,

Breaks are great times to let everything you’ve learned during the school year “soak in” and be used in fun ways. Travel (map skills/visit historical places/science), teach them to cook (math, science, & reading), ride bikes, sledding, snowshoeing (PE), turn the TV/computer/smartphones off and talk, read, play games together (like Monopoly…reinforces math and reading skills) even visit a nursing home or senior center and read to the elderly. Please find below other supplemental resources that you and your student may want to explore. Some of these sites are free and others may charge a small fee after an introductory period. There are also places to find activities, camps, etc… Sincerely, Mrs. Dockery Mrs. Williams Mrs. Lyons

Here are some fun links to take brain breaks with for parents and students http:// (this is similar to Accelerated Reader in other schools)

Other Resources Local libraries offer activities (Reading, Arts/Crafts, Storytelling, etc…) Parks and Recreation Departments offer camps (day and weeklong), sports, etc…Google your city’s name: i.e. Davis, CA Parks and Recreation Dept. to find the one nearest you. Michael’s and Aaron Brothers offer Arts/Crafts classes for children.

WOW SCIENCE MUSEUM The mission of theWorld of Wonders Science Museum is to offer hands-on, science based activities.

The below link has a lot of great alternatives to the Accelerated Reader (AR) program used in local brick and mortar schools.  For those of you looking to expand your student’s world of reading, you might find something of interest to pursue either now or during one of our school breaks.  (Spring, Summer, etc..)

Resources for Students


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