Do we need to log in everyday?

Yes you need to log in daily and check your To Do Tasks which include a list of lessons or other tasks to complete that day.

How often do I meet with my teacher?

Your teacher may ask to meet with you to do assessments or inquire about your progress.  These meetings can happen as often as once a week if needed.  However, dependent on your academic support at home it could be far less.

Will we have hard cover books?

Most our books are e-texts but we do have a few hard copies that are sent out to the student.  Parents are also given ISBN numbers to acquire a hard copy text for an additional fee.

Who do I call for password reset, materials, log in support?

Please call 18886797740 if you run into technical difficulties.

Who do I call if I need help understanding a lesson?

Your teachers love to help you get through your lessons.  We may also assist parents and students in creating an individualized pacing for success.

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