Do we need to log in everyday?

Yes you need to log in daily and check your email as well complete lessons or other tasks to complete that day.

How often do I meet with my teacher?

Your teacher may ask to meet with you to do assessments or inquire about your progress.  These meetings can happen as often as once a week if needed.  However, dependent on your academic support at home it could be far less.

Will we have hard cover books?

Aside from workbooks, all texts are online and embedded in the online courseware.  In K-5, but most activities can be scanned or printed.  Outside of a personal independent reading book, all materials 6-8 are embedded online..

Who do I call if I need help understanding a lesson?

Your teachers love to help you get through your lessons.  We may also assist parents and students in creating an individualized pacing for success.

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