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New Elk Grove COVID 19 Testing Site

Location: 9362 Studio Court, Elk Grove, CA 95758
Days: Tuesday through Saturday
Times: 7am – 7pm


To make an appointment, patients will need to complete an online registration process, which will require them to answer a handful of screening questions and create a username and password (about a 10-15 minute process).

People will need to make appointments in advance and if they show up without one, I believe they’ll be instructed to make one on their phone.  There are no age restrictions as long as the test can be safely performed.  More details and other information on the testing process are available in these FAQs.



California COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Sacramento County Vaccine Schedule


Pre-Register Vote

Hispanic Heritage Month

Are you ready to discover a path? Find a career?

discover a path for your life that will keep you energized and challenged?
find a career that matches your personality, lifestyle, and financial goals?

Always Learning Community Education Live-online classes!


The Elk Grove Adult and Community Education, Always Learning program has added six, live-online enrichment programs to the fall schedule!  Registration is now open online at www.egusd.net/egace or by phone at (916) 793-2282.  (No walk-in registrations due to COVID-19.)

Rounds, Miller and Associates is offering six of their most popular workshops using the Zoom® platform, with Web download for materials.

Computer requirements:  Computer, Monitor, mouse, internet connection fast enough to receive live video and audio.  Optional:  Video camera and microphone for live interaction.



Podcasting from Profit   

Monday, November 2, 2020    6-9 pm   $39 Registration Fee, plus $20 materials

Presenter:  Mike Rounds

Have you ever wanted to be a DJ or the host of a radio show?  Would you like to be paid to host your own show?  Would you like to promote your business, hobby or passion on radio?

Now you can, by setting up your own Podcasting seminar!                                                                                      

This course explains and demonstrates how to set up an audio podcast and monetize it including the equipment and software necessary, the procedures for creating and broadcasting, and over a dozen ways to make money with your podcasts – all for FREE!

Manual and materials include:

  • PDF manual Podcasting for the Clueless®

  • Acoustica™ – simple recording and editing software plus instruction manual

  • A link for the Audacity™ recording and editing software

  • 150 royalty free music clips; 100 royalty free sound effects for use with your podcast

  • Winebottler™ software to allow the audio mixer to run on a Macintosh


How to be Self-Published for FREE! Guaranteed!

Tuesday, November 16, 2020, 6-9 pm   $39 Registration Fee, plus $20 materials

Presenter: Mike Rounds

  • Have you dreamed of being published?

  • Are you ready to be published now?

  • Do you want to see your book on Amazon.com? 

It just takes know-how to put it together into a finished piece. You’ll learn how to: be quickly and easily published, how to offer pay-per-download from your website, how to convert your manuscript to Kindle for FREE, and how to protect your work with copyrights.


Manual and materials include:

  • PDF manual Self-Publishing for the Clueless® (978-1-891440-36-6)

  • List of print-on-demand services and Pay-Per-Download sites

  • Five free book cover maker websites

  • Places to help you sell your books

  • Additional resources to help you be self-published

  • Trademark and Copyright specifics


How to Create Your Web Site for FREE in an hour

Presenter: Mike Rounds

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020; 6-9 PM    $39 Registration Fee, plus $20 materials


In today’s technology driven world, people start by looking for anything and everything on the web.

Having your own website that you can create, change, and control by yourself, gives you the ability to tell people about, you, your business and how to do business with you.

You’ll be shown how to can create your site in minutes for FREE including text, graphics, YouTube video links, a shopping cart and the ability to customize it any way you want it.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Get your domain name,

  • Choose a web host and sign up for an account,

  • Design your web pages, collect credit card information, and

  • Be listed with major search engines.

Manual and materials include:

  • PDF manual “Fishin’ With a Net™ 10th Edition”

  • PDF manual “E-Commerce for the Clueless®”

  • Video instructions about adding e-commerce to your website

  • A video containing instructions on how to use Weekly

    This class is suitable for both beginners and laypersons (non-technical types!).


How to Start a Profitable Home-Based Business!

Monday, November 9, 2020; 6-9 PM       $39 Registration Fee, plus $20 materials

Presenter:  Nancy Miller


If sheltering in place due to the Corona virus has taught us anything, it’s that a home-based business can thrive in even desperate times.

Do you know the basics of starting a home-based business? Are you currently operating a home-based business and worried that you’re operating illegally?

If you’re thinking about starting a home-based business, online business, selling on E-Bay, having a small consumer business or becoming a consultant, this seminar is for you.

You’ll be shown what to different entities of a business structure are; federal, state, local taxes; licensing requirements; bookkeeping and tax records; and different ideas for starting a business.


Manual included:

  • PDF manual “Mechanics of Starting a Home-Based Business” (978-1-891440-64-9)



Eliminate Clutter in Your Home and Office

Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 6-9 PM     $39 Registration Fee, plus $20 materials

Presenter:  Nancy Miller


Tired of searching for lost things and stumbling over stuff?


You CAN change your surroundings to work for you with simple, easy and practical ideas on how to remove clutter from your life and get organized. Attend this fun and interactive seminar, where you’ll learn:


  • How to stop junk mail,
  • How to remove clutter,

  • Distinguish between organized and neat, and the cost of your stuff.  

Manual included:

  • PDF manual Clutterology® Getting Rid of Clutter and Getting Organized (978-1-891440-62-5).



Become a Professional Organizer

Thursday, November 11th, 2020; 6-9 PM     $39 Registration Fee, plus $20 materials

Presenter: Nancy Miller


Do label makers and putting things into 3-ring notebooks make you happy? If you like to organize stuff and enjoy watching the organizing seminars on TV for more tips, you’re a good candidate to become a professional organizer!


We’ll discuss:

  • Different organizing specialties,

  • Using the Clutter-Hoarding Scale, and

  • How to get experience before your first paying client.

Manual included:

  • PDF manual How to Become a Clutterologist™ (978-1-891440-56-4)








Certified Custodial Technician and VESL-Custodial Preparation Classes


Certified Custodial Technician   – Basics


Meeting dates:  September 9-November 13, 2020, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays – 3:30-5:30 pm (plus 4 hours of homework.)  10 hours per week. 




90-hour online training course (60 hours live-online/30 hours distance learning)


The International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) is the leading trade association for the cleaning industry.  This class designed by CMI and EGACE will provide training for individuals in the basic custodial services.  The class prepares students to take the nationally recognized ISSA-CCT Basics exam. 


The class is broken up into 6 modules:


1. Customer Service


2. Chemistry of cleaning


3. Above Floor Surface cleaning


4. Hard floor surface cleaning


5. Carpet cleaning


6. Restroom and shower room cleaning




Students will be required to take a certification exam at the completion of each module.  They will be required to pass with 80% or better and demonstrate the skills to receive certification.   Students also learn leadership and employment skills. 


Fees:  $99 registration fee, $100 book/materials, $60 certification exam* (*retakes, additional fees if necessary)


Instructor:  David Swindle


Custodial Preparation Class-VESL


Vocational English as a Second Language program for custodial training students is also available online!  Careers in custodial and facility maintenance lead to occupations in hospitality and tourism, medical-health industry, education, or private business. Learn custodial skills necessary to obtain professional employment in today’s current job market. This class supports students with the language skills needed to succeed in the EGACE Custodial Training Course*.


*Students must co-enroll in EGACE Custodial Training Program, which is a fee-based class.


Custodial Preparation VESL Schedule


Class meets online on Mondays/Wednesdays, 1-3:30 pm, August 17-December 16, 2020


Please call (916) 793-2282 to register for an orientation and testing appointment




EGUSD announces Full Distance Learning for Fall 2020


ELK GROVE, Calif. – July 15, 2020 – The Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD), after working closely with the Sacramento County Office of Education, area school district Superintendents, Sacramento County Health Director, Dr. Peter Beilenson, Public Health Officer, Dr. Olivia Kasirye, received data from Drs. Beilenson and Kasirye on increases in community spread of the coronavirus combined with the inability of the current testing system to support sufficient timely returns of test results if schools were to reopen. In light of these circumstances, District Superintendents in the 13 districts and the County Superintendent, with the support of Drs. Beilenson and Kasirye, have made the determination that schools should open in August/September with a Distance Learning model.


“Based on our collaboration with and updated information from public health officials, and with ongoing support and feedback from our Board of Education and labor partners, we will start our school year in August with our improved Full Distance Learning model,” affirmed Christopher R. Hoffman, Superintendent of Schools. 


He further stated, “Thanks to our community and their valued feedback, we have developed a flexible plan that enables us to respond and adapt effectively to changing health conditions. Based on recent challenges in testing, the inability to receive timely results and the significant rise in confirmed cases, current health conditions warrant a shift back to our Full Distance Learning model. The goal for the entire Elk Grove Unified community is a safe and full return to school when health conditions allow.”


District officials, school administrators and staff will continue to reach out to parents understanding the importance of the safety for our students and staff and the significant impact this will have on the entire community, students, families and staff. The District along with each school will provide parents with more Back-to-School details. Parents are asked to check their emails regularly and their school and District websites for updates, past information and for additional services and resources.


About the Elk Grove Unified School District

The Elk Grove Unified School District(EGUSD) is the fifth-largest school district in California located in southern Sacramento County. EGUSD covers 320 square miles and includes 67 schools: 42 elementary schools, nine middle schools, nine high schools, five alternative education schools, an adult school, one charter school and a virtual academy. Offering a multitude of educational programs, including over 70 career-themed academies and pathways within 15 industry sectors, we prepare our students for college and career by supporting them with the means to be creative problem solvers; self-aware, self-reliant, and self-disciplined; technically literate; effective communicators and collaborators; and engaged in the community as individuals with integrity. We integrate rigorous academics with career-based learning and real world workplace experiences and ensure that Every Student is Learning, in Every Classroom, in Every Subject, Every Day to Prepare College, Career and Life Ready Graduates.


For more information about the Elk Grove Unified School District, please visit www.egusd.net and follow us @ElkGroveUnified on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTubeand Eventbrite.

# # #


Xanthi Pinkerton

Director of Communications

Elk Grove Unified School District

9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road

Elk Grove, CA 95624

Phone (916) 686-7732



English Acquisition, HSD & HSE Classes

2020-21 School Year – Distance Learning 

Returning students will receive an email between July 17-28, 2020, with instructions for fall priority registration.

Information for new studentswill be posted to this website in mid-August.


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