English Language Acquisition (ELA)   (Formerly English as a Second Language (ESL))

Do you want to improve your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills?

New Student Registration-You need to make an appointment for an orientation and test date. These dates are announced on the EGACE website:  www.egusd.net/egace.

2020-21 School Year – Distance Learning 


Returning students will receive an email between July 17-28, 2020, with instructions for fall priority registration.

Information for new studentswill be posted to this website in mid-August.

When open…

Register here

Registration process can take up to three hours.  You MUST arrive on time.  

Please do not bring children to your appointment.

 If you need help making an appointment, please call (916) 686-7717.

Classes are Free

 ELA Class Schedule
ELA Class Locations


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