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Week 6 & 7 – Journeys

Double Dutch

Week 4 & 5: Off and Running

Off and Running

Benedict Arnold – Circle Group

The Life of Phillis Wheatley – Diamond Group

Digestion – Second Stage


Students will write their second body paragraph. Each paragraph will include a topic and concluding sentence, transitional phrases, and a sequence of events of the second stage of digestion.

Circle Group:

Emily Geiger’s Dangerous Mission

Diamond Group:

Joseph Warren An American Hero

All Groups:

Vocabulary Reader 13


Diamond and Circle Groups – Blog your Similes (make sure to proofread each simile with a partner before you submit)

Triangle and Square Groups – Compose a one paragraph essay (consisting on a topic sentence, evidence and analysis sentences, and a concluding sentence). If you run out of time, hit return and submit as “INCOMPLETE”.

Leveled Readers


Submit completed “Critical Thinking” to Mr. Alfonso.

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